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Spawning pool for my contributions

Category:Wiring - Coax_for_OTA, IR - Extending an IR receiver

Are you going to write some articles? If so, great! I skimmed what you have and noticed they are empty. We love getting more information packed in here. I suggest you start writing your articles, and then organically start linking them together. That way, you aren't stuck with some badly named articles you later have to cleanup or request a sysop to delete. Sometimes, starting with one article filed under an existing category and letting it later expand is a smoother transition to let others know about your material. It helps if we can fit articles into existing categories, and encourages cohesion. However, as articles grow, and split into multiple articles, they may eventually demand a separate category. P.S. You don't need to put _'s into your links up there. --Gregturn 15:56, 4 October 2007 (UTC)
Yes, yes, I will actually fill each of those pages this weekend. Real life got unexpectedly busy Tuesday and I'll be back on it tomorrow morning. Having recalled all of the various discussions on different types of wiring and cabling issues, I spent a good deal of time organizing all of the different aspects of wiring as it applies to myth users and decided on the hierarchy of the wiring category. IMO, each of those topics really do need to stand alone and will support each other. I do understand the "start small and let it grow" approach but but a single article on these topics would grow to be enormous and very difficult to split up later. How about we revisit this come next week and see if I'm completely mad or onto something?
I forgot to mention that this is my first real venture into wikidom so I may do something dumb like the unnecessary _s above. Feel free to borrow Beirdo's trout anytime I need a smack upside the head. More importantly, doesn't appear to be working so I'm hoping you have my talk on watch.
No sweat. Yeah, I have configured the preference option to watch every page I edit. I like to welcome in new wiki users. If you have other wiki-type questions, don't hesitate to drop it on my talk page. I also happen to be a sysop for this wiki site. P.S. Don't forget to sign comments posted on talk pages. --Gregturn 11:30, 5 October 2007 (UTC)
Hey Greg. Not that I would have expected you to catch it but I mentioned on the user's list that a proposal I wasn't expecting to came back, hence the hiatus. And I completely see what you meant about letting an article grow and filling in from there. Ol Schoola 01:00, 25 October 2007 (UTC)