User from 0.20.0 to 0.20.2 on Fedora Core 6 from rpms

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Hi Mehall,

I adapted your notes to upgrade under Gentoo. I went too far and followed the "addendum" to delete and recreate my video source, and then nearly all my recording rules went away, I think because they were looking at the wrong channel. I restored from backup and followed the MythTV manual section on Migrating from DataDirect Labs to Schedules Direct, and my recording rules now look okay. So I added a caveat to your page. Hope that was the right thing to do--I'm a wiki n00b.

/Joe Trivers

Upgrading System Part

I don't see much about the actual upgrading of myth iself. You just say "Yum" is your best friend. Can we get any more specific instructions for us less familiar with Linux or newer to it..?

Also - Do I really have to upgrade my kernel and IVTV even if .20 is running fine..? Does .20.2 require this?