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Wiki pages are orphaned

The page I created is orphaned and cannot be viewed in the categories unless I am logged in... Did I do something wrong? here is the page

The mediawiki cache engine is screwed up and does not properly update, and has defeated our repeated attempts to disable it. Logging in bypasses the cache engine.wagnerrp 23:16, 22 August 2013 (UTC)
Thanks for the reply, I noticed you updated the page for your script mythvidexport claiming it is compliant with .26 etc. unfortunately I was unable to get the script to run from the command line on .26. Sorry if my edit of your page offended you, I thought this was an open forum and help was invited.
I just updated that copy so there was no longer a need to point to a different version.
You should probably test your code before you make egotistical claims of its operability
Whoops. I botched a copy/paste when applying a local fix for the inability to use artwork when pulling local listings data.

I notice and appreciate that you are working on your script. Here are some points of interest that prompted me to do the rewrite.

Cannot run from command line using chanid and starttime in .26

   when you go to fix this, you will end up breaking the script for .24 and earlier as you have to include an offset for time.
   is seems that including this offset on a single line invokes a math operation from the (+/-)xx:xx at least in my case

Duplicate entries in Myth Video database

   Although your change to include the 'nooverwrite' option will prevent rewriting the file, it will not prevent the duplicate entry in the DB

MythBE provides a HASH function

   why recalculate what has already been calculated? and if the calculation can be done and is there then the file must
   have made it

No way to control the operation of the class ( personal choice I suppose )

   The class performed the whole of the operation upon 'init' forcing any exit operation to occur in the class and not allowing
   any decision making outside the class. Just not my style

I do give you credit for the original code, if you choose to use any of mine I would appreciate an acknowledgment of some sorts.

Regards, Scott