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Hi Stev391,

Found your update on the iMON page. Do you have the patch working?

Hi Moosylog,

Not sure if this is where I'm supposed to reply. (First time someone wanted to 'talk' to me on here.)

No I haven't gotten the patch to work; as you can see in my lircrc I'm using the vol+/- & ch+/- as the arrow keys. This is very confusing to use and is frustrating me that I cannot use the pad. The lircd.conf that I have put up there is the latest one from and includes keys Left, Right, Up & Down. I haven't tried to use these yet as I only updated to the latest lirc last night. So maybe the patch is in he mainstream version now.

OK, yeah. That's why I stared the page in the first place. I've tried every single patch that I could find. Also use the arrow keys. It's not perfect ! Thanks,