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The weather-ui.xml file governs the layout and behavior of the MythWeather plugin. It consists of the following windows and named attributes:

MythWeather Plugin Windows

Window Name Type Description
weatherbase Window The base MythWeather window, over which all the forecast types are laid.
Current Conditions Window The Current Conditions weather report.
Three Day Forecast Window The three day weather report.
Six Day Forecast Window The six day weather report.
Static Map Window A static radar image.
Animated Map Window An animated radar image.
Severe Weather Alerts Window Severe weather alerts for the location.
18 Hour Forecast Window The 18 hour weather report.
global-setup Settings Window The MythWeather global setup screen.
screen-setup Settings Window The MythWeather screen for adding forecast types.
source-setup Settings Window The Mythweather source/grabber setup screen.
setup-location Settings Window The location setup screen.

The "weatherbase" window

Widget Name Widget Type Description Required?