X10 MouseRemote Configuration

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Author Patrick Pflaum
Description X10 MouseRemote Configuration

Configuration file for the X10 MouseRemote for Linux

I also use xte to send commands to Myth from the MouseRemote.pl software.

Here is the config section from MouseRemote.conf that I use:

Script.png MouseRemote.conf

0       xte 'key 0'
1       xte 'key 1'
2       xte 'key 2'
3       xte 'key 3'
4       xte 'key 4'
5       xte 'key 5'
6       xte 'key 6'
7       xte 'key 7'
8       xte 'key 8'
9       xte 'key 9'
Shift   xte 'key Escape'
.VolUp   aumix -v+5
.VolDown aumix -v-5
ChUp    xte 'key Up'
ChDown  xte 'key Down'
AB      xte 'key Escape'
Disp    xte 'key i'
Rew     xte 'key Left'
Play    xte 'key Up'
FF      xte 'key Right'
Stop    xte 'key Down'
Select  xte 'key space'
Guide   xte 'key m'
Pause   xte 'key p'