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Xvid is basically an open-source alternative to the DivX codec, making them both very similar and also compatible with the same players (most DivX capable DVD players will play Xvid files, and, if not already supported, the Xvid codec can be downloaded to allow playback of the file in any of your normal Media Players on your PC). The resulting file will end in a .avi extension (a general container format for many types of videos), the same as DivX files.

Xvid will give you excellent compression while keeping a good quality file, you can easily create a file from a regular length feature film small enough to fit onto a single CD or put multiple ones on a DVD.


  • Good quality (can be better than DivX)
  • Small file size
  • Good compatibility
  • Can be burnt to CD/DVD
  • Can be used for any length of video


  • Not as widely used as DivX
  • Less compatible than DivX