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Short Description

This box will find UPnP servers including MythTV with out any configuration. It will play back 480i 720p & 1080i recorded on an ATSC equipped MythTV box. It will play back on an NTSC set using S-Video, or an HD set using HDMI. Audio is either 2 channel analog or coaxial SPDIF.

Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Hardware Support

Characteristic Value
Standard Def Yes
High Def Yes
Digital Audio Yes (coax SPDIF)
Analog Audio Yes (RCA Left and Right)
Dolby Digital via SPDIF Yes
dts via SPDIF No
Dolby Digital via HDMI unknown
dts via HDMI unknown (presumed no)
RF modulator No
Composite Out No
S-Video Yes
Component No
HDMI Yes (up to 1080i)
Wireless Networking Yes (DMA-1000W Only)
Wired Network 10/100 Mbps

Video Playback Features

Characteristic Value
Video Playback Quality Playback of videos is very smooth and deinterlaced, even ATSC 1080i material! No sync or stuttering issues.
FF/RW Support Yes
FF/RW at Differing Speeds Yes, up to 50x
30 Second Skip No -- 15 second skip instead (...whatever...)
Bookmarking Sort of. The unit will remember the position of the last video, but if you play another video it forgets the position in the first video.


Characteristic Value
Support MythTV MPEG2 Recordings Yes (SD & HD ATSC tested)
Support MythTV NUV Recordings No
Support MythTV DivX/Xvid Videos Yes
Support H.264 Video No
Support MythTV Music (since 0.21+) Yes
Support MythTV Photo Galleries (since 0.21+) Yes

MythTV Interaction

Characteristic Value
Customizable Menus (and in what way) No
Menu Responsiveness Very very quick
Menu Hierarchy Comes with the ability to sort recordings by title, genere, recording date, channel number / callsign, or recording group (i.e. "live tv"). Videos (i.e. downloads) are presented heirarchically, and can be sorted ascending/descending.

Non-MythTV Features

Characteristic Value
Support DVD/VOB streaming No
iPhoto/Photoshop Album Support No
iTunes/Windows Media Support WMV9 files supported


Main Menu <Pic of main menu>
OSD <Pic of OSD>
Others <Pics of Others>


Works really well with Myth 0.21. A little schitzophrenic in its presentation, however.

  • If you select "videos" from the main menu, you're presented with everything that's been recorded from ALL groups (including live TV!) in what can only be described as an unsorted mess. The advantage is that if you highlight a show and hit the info button, you can retrieve full information on a recording (subtitle, description, file size, date recorded, etc). This view does not include items that were not recorded directly by that back-end.
  • If instead you (unintuitively) select "server" from the main menu, you're presented a hierarchical menu, starting with the choice of music, recordings, or videos.
    • Videos simply mirrors the video file system on the backend, but does not including recordings (similar to a full frontend). Sub-directories are dealt with sanely (show title of directory until you go into it, then show ONLY the contents of that directory).
    • Recordings allows your choice of how to group recordings by that back-end, whether by show title, show genere, channel number/callsign, or date recorded. However pushing the info button on a recording will bring up no information available about the recording.

Compatible with networks with more than one available UPnP server.

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