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Time.png Outdated: The site linked to for the Wiimote drivers no longer exists.

This article describes how to install and configure a software to use the nintendo Wii remote to control MythTV.

There are two methods - the original method, and the new kid on the block, MythPyWii. MythPyWii is easier to set up, and has more functions (and is cooler!), but is likely to have more bugs, though it seems stable currently. Here are the MythPyWii installation instructions, and a video of MythPyWii in action.

Original Method (very manual)

Installing a bluetooth adapter

  • Connect a linux supported bluetooth adapter (e.g. D-Link DBT-120)
  • Install linux bluetooth support BlueZ
 # apt-get install bluez-utils
  • First check, if the bluetooth adapter is installed correctly. Entering the following command should give you a list of all adapters.
 # hcitool dev
     hci0    01:23:45:67:89:AB
  • Next scan for bluetooth devices. To activate the discover mode of the Wii remote, press buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously, then enter the following command, which should give you a list of all bluetooth devices in range.
 # hcitool scan
 Scanning ...
         99:88:77:66:55:44       Nintendo RVL-CNT-01

The Wii remote is named (as you can see) Nintendo RVL-CNT-01.

Install linux driver for Wii remote

Install Python, Python-XLib and PyBlueZ

 # apt-get install python-xlib python-bluez

Now install the Wii remote driver by downloading and unpacking the newest package from this site, or use the subversion repository to get the bleeding edge version. The latest code from subversion has mouse support. The following chapters assume you installed the driver in ~mythtv/wmd

Modify configuration file

Edit the configuration file ~mythtv/wmd/wmd/Config.py Find MY_WIIMOTE_ADDR and set the address of your Wii remote which you got from the previous scan.

 'MY_WIIMOTE_ADDR': "99:88:77:66:55:44",

Find commandMap and configure the buttons to suite your needs

PythonIcon.png ~mythtv/wmd/wmd/Config.py

'commandMap': {
  'A': ['key', 'KEY_ENTER' ],
  'B': ['key', 'KEY_ESC' ],
  'H': ['quit', 1],                 # Home key: quits WMD
  '+': ['key', 'KEY_TAB' ],
  '-': ['key', [ 'KEY_LEFTSHIFT', 'KEY_TAB' ] ],
  '1': ['key', 'KEY_M' ],
  '2': ['key', 'KEY_I' ],
  'U': ['key', 'KEY_UP' ],
  'D': ['key', 'KEY_DOWN' ],
  'L': ['key', 'KEY_LEFT' ],
  'R': ['key', 'KEY_RIGHT' ]

Test driver

To test the driver run ~mythtv/wmd/WMD.py. Press button 1 and 2 on your remote and wait for the driver to connect.

PythonIcon.png ~mythtv/wmd/WMD.py

# ~mythtv/wmd/WMD.py
Registering key KEY_ENTER for button A with code 1c
Registering key KEY_ESC for button B with code 1
Registering key KEY_DOWN for button D with code 6c
Registering key KEY_TAB for button + with code f
Registering key ['KEY_LEFTSHIFT', 'KEY_TAB'] for button - with code 2a
Registering key ['KEY_LEFTSHIFT', 'KEY_TAB'] for button - with code f
Registering key KEY_LEFT for button L with code 69
Registering key KEY_M for button 1 with code 32
Registering key KEY_I for button 2 with code 17
Registering key KEY_UP for button U with code 67
Registering key KEY_RIGHT for button R with code 6a
[[1074025828, 3], [1074025831, 0], [1074025831, 1], [1074025828, 2], [1074025830, 0], [1074025830, 1], [1074025828, 1], [1074025828, 0], [1074025829, 28], [1074025829, 1], [1074025829, 108], [1074025829, 15], [1074025829, 42], [1074025829, 15], [1074025829, 105], [1074025829, 50], [1074025829, 23], [1074025829, 103], [1074025829, 106]]
Could not import pygame. Set DISABLE_PYGAME=1
Looking for Wiimote services at address 99:88:77:66:55:44
Victory! We have found that Wiimote!
We are now connected to Wiimote at address 99:88:77:66:55:44
Event type WM_CLOCK_BEAT is being ignored
[112, 0, 22, 126, 124, 129, 28, 151, 150, 154, 18, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]

Now press any buttons on your remote and you should see the corresponding events

Event type WM_CLOCK_BEAT is being ignored
[112, 0, 22, 126, 124, 129, 28, 151, 150, 154, 18, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]
Send Key DOWN: 50
Buttons down: ['1']
mSend Key UP: 50
Buttons up: ['1']
Send Key DOWN: 23
Buttons down: ['2']
iSend Key UP: 23
Buttons up: ['2']
Send Key DOWN: 15
Buttons down: ['+']
        Send Key UP: 15
Buttons up: ['+']

If you see an error message complaining about a missing uinput-device you have to load the uinput kernel module first.

 # modprobe uinput

Setup for MythTV use

You will want to enable the mouse pointer in Mythtv. In the settings menu, select "Appearance". On the second page enable a checkbox to enable the mouse pointer.

To use the Wii remote in mythtv we just need to start the main python script ~mythtv/wmd/WMD.py. Create a file ~mythtv/wmd/mythtv_wiimote.sh with the following content

Script.png ~mythtv/wmd/mythtv_wiimote.sh

while [ 1 ]; do
  $HOME/wmd/WMD.py ;
  sleep 5

and add it to your X startup file ~/.xinitrc

Script.png ~/.xinitrc

# Using the wiimote to control mythtv
$HOME/wmd/mythtv_wiimote.sh &

xset -dpms s off
xsetroot -solid black
xsetroot -bg black
xsetroot -cursor $HOME/etc/X11_EmptyCursor $HOME/etc/X11_EmptyCursor
/usr/bin/evilwm &

To use your remote just press button 1 and 2 and it should connect to your mythtv box.

Make sure that the uinput module is loaded on system startup and your mythtv user has read access to the created device /dev/input/uinput. I added the following lines to /etc/rc.local

 modprobe uinput
 chmod a+r /dev/input/uinput

Alternatively, install MythPyWii


Current features include:

  • Fastfoward/rewind/timestretch by varying amounts via twisting of the wiimote
  • Play/pause/back/up/down/left/right/menu/information/delete/save position via button pushes.

Brief Intro Video


Install Video



MythPyWii installation instructions