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PVR-250 with grey remote
Vendors Website http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/data_pvr250.html
Input Formats Coax/RF, Composite video and stereo audio (some models)
Support Status Fully supported by MythTV through Video4Linux
Driver http://ivtvdriver.org/
Sound Driver not applicable
Chipset not applicable


The Hauppauge PVR-250 is a PCI-based video tuner card which features hardware-accellerated video and audio compression. There are several slightly different revisions of this card, some with the "MCE" designation and some without. All known versions of the PVR-250 are handled by the same version of the IVTV driver, now a part of the Video4Linux subsystem found in the 2.6.x Linux kernels.

As this card records OTA (over-the-air) analog video it is technically obsolete in the United States, however there exist separate PAL and NTSC versions of this card. Be sure the one you obtain is the correct one for your region. Additionally, the US version of the card has a dbx-TV stereo audio decoder, while the European version of the card has a Nicam stereo audio decoder.

Important.png Note: Hauppauge no longer ships any of the analog-only cards due to pressure from FCC.

Issues and Problems

Ghosting noted with some lower resolution and bitrate combinations on PVR-250 model 32062, rev C185 (cx23416). The ghosting disappeared with resolution 480x480 and 4000kbps rates.

The PVR-250 and other PVR-xxx cards using the ivtv driver sometimes suffer from a DMA problem. In some cases, this results in the card failing to produce any output until the system is rebooted, even unloading and reloading the driver doesn't clear the error. See ivtvdriver.org for more information about this problem and possible preventative measures.

When using the PVR-250 in combination with an AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180 and the Linux kernel 2.6.22, there is a i2c driver conflict with the associated tuner modules (saa7115 for the PVR-250 and the nxt200x for the MCE A180). The saa7115 module must be loaded prior to the nxt200x module or you will not be able to tune the PVR-250. MythTV will report failures to tune the PVR-250 in the backend log and the kernel will log:

ivtv0: i2c addr 0x21 not found for command 0xc0cc5605

The ordering of the module load can be solved either in modprobe.conf using the install method or by manually calling modprobe in the correct order prior to the system scripts automatically installing drivers (rc.sysinit for Fedora).

Log Messages

If you see an "Unreasonably low latency" message from ivtv in your logs you should probably read the page on PCI Latency.

Installation guides

Usually found upon install.


Best info most likely found on the IVTV driver forum on Sourceforge. See also the wiki at: http://ivtvdriver.org/