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MythBrowser is a plugin that provides a fully functional WebKit-based browser.

Do not confuse this with MythWeb which allows you to access your mythtv content over a web-browser.

Upgrade issues from earlier version

Default Text Size

To set the default text size:

 Setup -> Info Center Settings -> Web Settings -> Text Size.

You can also change the size on the fly (see the keymappings noted below) but the changes won't stick.

version 0.22 and later

The default text size is specified as a value between 0.3 to 5.0, with 1 being "normal".

version 0.21 and earlier

In v0.21 and earlier the default size was specified as a percentage. So you may have had something like 100 or 150. If you have upgraded from v0.21 unless you manually change this your fonts will be 600 feet high and you will see just a blank screen.

Default key bindings

These can be changed, could have already been changed, via standard MythTV change key binding procedures.

Taken from MythBrowser README
ZOOMIN          Increase text size                    .,>
ZOOMOUT         Decrease text size                    ,,<
TOGGLEINPUT     Toggle where keyboard input goes to   F1

MOUSEUP         Move mouse pointer up                 2
MOUSEDOWN       Move mouse pointer down               8
MOUSELEFT       Move mouse pointer left               4
MOUSERIGHT      Move mouse pointer right              6
MOUSELEFTBUTTON Mouse Left button click               5

PAGEDOWN        Scroll down half a page               9, PAGEDOWN
PAGEUP          Scroll up half a page                 3, PAGEUP
PAGELEFT        Scroll left half a page               7
PAGERIGHT       Scroll right half a page              1

NEXTLINK        Move selection to next link",         Z
PREVIOUSLINK    Move selection to previous link",     Q
FOLLOWLINK      Follow selected link",                Return,Space,Enter
HISTORYBACK     Go back to previous page",            R,Backspace
HISTORYFORWARD  Go forward to previous page",         F

NEXTTAB         Move to next browser tab              P
PREVTAB         Move to previous browser tab          <NO DEFAULT>
DELETE          Delete the current browser tab        D

ESCAPE          Exit                                  Escape
MENU            Show poup menu                        M
INFO            Toggle focused widget                 I

The F1 key selects where the keyboard input goes to. If a web page requires
some sort of input, like an edit control used to enter a search term, pressing
F1 allows you to send all input to the web page. Pressing it again allows
MythBrowser to again capture keyboard input.

You can get smoother mouse pointer movement by lowering the repeat count for
the remote keys used for mouse emulation in your lircrc config file.


To use Flash in embedded videos, ensure that a symbolic link to appears in the directory MythTV keeps other plugins. Possibilities include /usr/lib/mythtv/plugins or, on a 64-bit system, /usr/lib64/mythtv/plugins.