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Important.png Note: Please note that the following reflects changes for an old release of MythTV. The current release is 31.0.

These are an overview and not a complete list of the changes in the 0.22 release of MythTV, there have been over 5000 commits since the 0.21 release, for a more comprehensive and up to date list, see the Commit logs. Some of these changes, most notably the fixes, have been backported to the 0.21.1 release.

Release notes updated through revision [22754] (October 2009)
Major Features

  • MythTV UI ported to new MythUI library with all new capabilities
  • VDPAU Video renderer and decoder for hardware accelerated playback of H.264, MPEG-1/2, WMV, and VC-1
  • DVB-S2 support
  • Support for the Hauppauge HD-PVR
  • HDHomeRun Multirec support
  • New channel scanner
  • All new default UI theme
  • Mythvideo now has season/episode support, fanart, banners, screenshots and much, much more
  • Added Automatic Prioritization to the scheduler which uses watching behavior to automatically increase priority of shows that are watched close to their recording timeslot over shows that are delayed for longer periods of time. See [16477] for details until the wiki page is populated.

Major changes

  • Windows port improvements
  • Mythbrowser now uses webkit and has no dependencies on KDE libs
  • MythMusic has fewer external dependencies and supports many more codecs/containers
  • MythTV switches from Qt 3.4 to Qt 4.4 libraries [16790] (No changes affecting end-user!)
  • MythPhone has been dropped


Warning.png Warning: 0.22 requires Qt4 libraries to be installed as of [16790]. This involves:

  • "yum install qt4 qt4-devel" for SUSE/Redhat RPM-based systems
  • "sudo apt-get install libqt4 libqt4-dev" for Ubuntu (gutsy or feisty backport),
  • "apt-get install libqt4 libqt4-dev" for Debian-based systems (lenny or sid).


New Features

  • MythTV UI ported to new MythUI library with all new capabilities
  • Added Automatic Prioritization to the scheduler which uses watching behavior to automatically increase priority of shows that are watched close to their recording timeslot over shows that are delayed for longer periods of time. See [16477] for details until the wiki page is populated.
  • Added MPEG-2 support for ConvertX/GO7007 tuners in addition to the existing MPEG-4 support. [16538]
  • Added new jump point for taking a screenshot and corresponding UPnP web method. [16532]. Network control also has this jumppoint [16613]
  • Improved theme caching speed after a "make install" for users who update frequently. [16487]
  • Added support for overriding the audio sampling rate in recording profiles on a per card basis. [16747]
  • Support for the Hauppauge HD-PVR Component Video Recorder
  • Vastly improved channel scanner
  • Fanart, Banner, and coverart support in Watch Recordings
  • VDPAU Video renderer and decoder for hardware accelerated playback of H.264, MPEG-1/2, WMV, and VC-1.
  • Many software deinterlacers are now multithreaded
  • New codec and container support from up-to-date ffmpeg libraries.
  • Add support for DVB-S2 [21318]
  • HDHomeRun multirec support
  • Additional Myth Protocol socket functions, including file upload, deletion, and scanning of storage groups. [19979] [21134] [21156]
  • Adds a popup dialog accessible from the main menu using MENU which allows the system to be shutdown or rebooted [20852]


  • Fixed encoding for various french Astra 19.2E channels. [16792]
  • Various Freesat EIT fixups
  • UK EIT fixup - Adds handling of AD, S, SL and W tags in EIT data [20768]
  • Fixed matching of programs for updating EIT data


  • Add Firewire Vendor & Model ID's for PACE STBs [17149]
  • Add Motorola DCH-3200 vendor ID
  • Add DCT6200 vendor ID
  • Add firewire and channel changing support for the DCX3200 model STB [21514]
  • Add SA8300HD model id to firewire stb list [22045]
  • Add QIP6200 model id to firewire stb list [22048]



  • Allows input groups to work properly when each recorder has more than one input and so can be in multiple mutually exclusive input groups. [17172]
  • Add commandline scanner [17175] plus many more changesets
  • Adds option to mythtv-setup to disable automatic database backup before database upgrades [17479] (ensure you do a manual backup before upgrade if this is enabled)
  • Add HD-PVR support [17493]
  • Add support for multiple frontends per DVB adaptor [17832]
  • Add scanning support for DVB-S2 [21317], [21318]
  • Add a spinbox for specifying a value for the "LiveTV Idle Timeout" setting [21378]
  • Channel scanner - add option to set off air channels invisble [21691]
  • Channel scanner - Allow basic channel scanning with DVB version of HDHomeRun [21858]
  • Offer to automatically shutdown backend at start, shows recording status, starts up again on exit [20966]

Video Playback

  • Many DVD playback issues fixed
  • Adds the ability to set the encoding of external subtitles [17550]
  • Add VDPAU support [19165]
  • Add a new cross-platform OpenGL video renderer that provides consistent playback across Linux, Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X [19535]
  • Enable VDPAU rendering when decoding in software [19535]
  • Extend the filters interface so that we can specify the number of threads a filter may use [20129]
  • Add a CPU based 'interlaced' filter that should synchronise interlaced material to an interlaced display [20299]
  • Adds a vertical stretch mode [20406]
  • Add double rate and multi-thread support to the Kernel deinterlacer [20439]
  • Add support for VDPAU inverse telecine [20741]
  • Add support for VDPAU 'skip chroma deinterlace', noise reduction and sharpen/blur [20742]
  • Look up subtitle files efficiently and allow them to be streamed [20879]
  • Auto letterbox detection (software decoding only) [21472]
  • Add ability to match the display refresh rate with the video framerate [21489]
  • Fix 1080i playback with the OpenGL renderer and software based bob deinterlacing [21707]
  • Fix an a/v sync error when fast forwarding at 5x and higher speeds [21890]
  • Fix .srt suntitle playback in the Internal Player [22025]
  • Prevent repeated enabling/disabling of deinterlacing for streams with mixed flags [22121]
  • VDPAU video buffering improvements [22132]


  • Fix bad horizontal scaling of the OSD under certain resolution & dpi combos [19569]
  • Add TV osd menu editor [20037]
  • Allow for different OSD formats for livetv, recordings and mythvideo [20934]

Windows Port

  • Many Windows packager fixes and improvements to get Myth working using MinGW on Windows
  • Windows build fixes. [21995]

Theme Development

  • New Default Theme: Terra
  • New Theme: Graphite [21215]
  • Added ability for menu themes to jump directly to a specific recording group. [16559]
  • Convert all menu themes to mythui
  • Converted blootube, blootube-wide, blootubelite-wide, neon-wide, ProjectGrayhem & ProjectGrayhem-wide menus to mythui [18635]
  • Add a new, "Recording Rules," screen under the "Manage Recordings [21380]
  • Adds the "Media Center" menu theme [21555]
  • Move all the old themes which have not been rewritten for mythui to a new oldthemes directory [21380] NOTE: If no one updates these themes they will eventually be removed.
  • Replace instances of Bitstream fonts in default themes with DejaVu? fonts. [21964]
  • Add a new startdatetime string to the program info map. [22005]
  • Expand MythUI font parsing with decoration, weight, and stretch values. [22022]
  • Change the base definition of the progress bar to allow it to be resized. [22030]
  • Add the missing flag states (sound, audio, subtitles etc) to PlaybackBox. [22087]
  • Make the description field used in the menus translatable [22116]
  • Add "wordspacing" and "letterspacing" font properties in MythUI [22133]
  • Support specifying font size in pixels [22134]


  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation of Mythfrontend. [21979]
  • Polish MythNews translation. [21980]
  • Dutch translation of MythVideo, Frontend [21981] [21982]
  • English (UK) translation [21996]
  • German translation [22055]


  • Completely revamped theming engine: MythUI
  • Adds an image reflection effect to MythUI [17123]
  • Allow images to be cropped on all side [17124]
  • Add 'Centre Hold' scrolling style to mythlistbutton [17174]
  • Add a spinbox widget to mythui [17287]
  • Add a checkbox widget to mythui [17413]
  • Add MythUIGroup for grouping widgets [17448]
  • Add Progress bar widget for mythui [17698]
  • Add Busy and Progress dialogs [17700]
  • Add <preserveaspect> tag to the imagetype [17759]
  • Allow focusorder to be defined for widgets with the use of a <focusorder>3</focusorder> element [17800]
  • Add Text input dialog [17945]
  • Add a confirmation dialog [18048]
  • Add MythWebBrowser widget for displaying HTML documents based on QtWebKit [18140]
  • Add a new MythUISearchDialog [18192]
  • Add MythUIButtonTree tree widget [18234]
  • Port Manual Schedule screen to mythui [18551]
  • Add on the fly disk caching of scaled images [18552], [19109]
  • Re-write myththemedmenu to use mythui directly instead of using it's own theme format [18606]
  • Adds selection wrapping support to MythUIButtonList [18705]
  • Add font 'states' to mythuitext and mythuibuttonlist [18746]
  • Port Channel Recording Priorities screen to mythui [18801]
  • Port Status screen to mythui [18865]
  • Port MythWelcome? to MythUI [18884]
  • Add Proof of concept UI painter that uses VDPAU [19360]
  • Adds an alpha masking capability to MythUIImage [19501]
  • Adds a case element to MythUIText to allow themers to change the case of text [19515]
  • Convert the ProgLister screen to MythUI [19594]
  • Ports the Watch Recordings screen (playbackbox) to MythUI [19603]
  • Port the Program Details screen to MythUI [19643]
  • Add support for a <description> element in the menu themes [19712]
  • Allow some images to be loaded when needed, not all the time [19736]
  • Fix switching themes/resolutions/painters on the fly [19738]
  • Add an optional date grouping list to the Upcoming Recordings screen [19762]
  • Convert the virtual popup keyboard to MythUI [19767]
  • Remove hard coded base resolutions for theme scaling. We now use the resolution defined in the themeinfo.xml [19772]
  • Add file browsing and selection dialog for mythui [19833]
  • Convert schema upgrade wizard to MythUI [19845]
  • Add a <template> element to MythUIText [19894]
  • Port the channel editor screen and icon import screens to mythui [20000]
  • Convert the Program Finder screen to MythUI [20138]
  • Add fanart/banner/coverfile support to Watch Recordings [20172]
  • Convert the Previously Recorded screen to MythUI [20204]
  • Add a 'captive' wrapstyle to MythUIButtonList [20234]
  • Add a 'shape' widget [20255]
  • Enable netscape plugins in qtwebkit for mythuibrowser
  • Add a mythui guide grid widget [20352]
  • Update the guide grid screen to mythui [20353]
  • Add a simple mythui screen to display while the internal player is starting up [20354]
  • Add local caching of channel icons retrieved from remote backends [20446]
  • Add "justify" alignment mode, analogous to "full" justification to MythUIText [20455]
  • Convert the customedit screen to MythUI [21470]
  • Allow the PAGELEFT and PAGERIGHT keybindings to cycle through Recording Groups in the Watch Recordings screen [21261]
  • Allow the use of a template for the text with spinboxes [21678]
  • Add two new values for <case> in MythUIText, capitalisefirst and capitaliseall [21827]
  • Port the schedule editor to mythui [21831]
  • Update MythUIFileBrowser so that it works for browsing both local

directories and remote Storage Groups [21908]

  • Support paging by multiples of the step value in MythUISpinBox [22092]


  • Fixed DVD menu handling problem
  • Fixed playback being paused when entering the Program Finder during playback. [16744]
  • Corrected cyclic font inheritance problem [16759]
  • Fixed issue where recording continued playing in background when editing. [16765]
  • Fixed starting mythfrontend on the second head of a dual-headed system using the desktop dimensions of the first head. [16813]
  • Fixed processing jobs in schedruntime order instead of inserttime. This solves the issue of deferred autotranscode jobs holding up other jobs. [16944]
  • Refactorization of video output code.


  • Adds a --override-settings-file command line option [17309]
  • Allow relative PREFIX by implementing new --runtime-prefix configure parameter [17458]
  • Fix circular dependencies between libraries [17650]
  • Allow some settings to use an hostname [17685]
  • Adds DB backup script capability to MythTV [17882]
  • Add configure option for less verbose compilation --enable-silent-cc [17963]
  • Improved LIRC handling [17972]
  • Add Croatian language support [18272]
  • Add SSE optimized routines for soundtouch [19024]
  • Stores the video resolution changes in recordedmarkup [19149]
  • LiveTV - Allow browsing across tuners [19483]
  • Add dvd speed control [19866]
  • Add channel grouping feature that allows you to create groups of channels to help to find a channel while in live tv or the EPG [20523]
  • Use the standard screen priorities provided by lcdproc 0.5 rather than the non standard numeric ones we've always used [20559]
  • Add the ability to change the verbose level of a running mythfrontend and master mythbackend [21396]
  • Improved handling of the '-geometry' command line option [21671]
  • Rename mythtv test app to mythavtest to avoid people running it by mistake [21904]
  • Adds --cxx option to configure so you can use compilers other than gcc [17511]
  • Allow slave backends to be shut down and awakened on demand by the master backend [20084]
  • Add new disk balancing algorithms 'Balanced Free Space' and 'Balanced Disk I/O' [21221]

Network Control

  • Adds a "query version" command to the network control interface [17456]
  • Add the ability to query the uptime, memstats, and load for the frontend via the network control socket [21419]
  • Add a new command to mythfrontend's network control interface to allow playing any video file via a remote command [21425]
  • Fix the "key" command for non-alphanumeric printable keystrokes [22115]


  • Add a new version of the DELETE_RECORDING backend command [17711]
  • Adds QUERY_TIMEZONE to mythtv protocol [18574]
  • Adds information on storage used by LiveTV/Deleted/Expirable recordings to the backend status page [20988]
  • Allow writing files using myth:// URLs via a writeable RingBuffer and/or RemoteFile [21134]
  • Add a way to delete files remotely [21156]
  • Add QUERY_FILE_EXISTS to mythtv protocol [21770]

Mac OS X



  • Fix creating a DVD when the first title, which is used to create the DVD's volumeid, has non ascii characters in it. [16782]
  • Fix comment not terminated error from dvdauthor caused by titles with a double '-' character in the title. [16782]
  • Quote the title used as the volumeid when burning to a re-writable DVD. [17094]
  • Converted to MythUI [19103], [19180], [19181], [19266], [19228] et al
  • Fix AC3 stream not being identified properly [17101]
  • Ignore any errors while remuxing the subtitles [17146]
  • Fix sometimes not choosing the correct streams when using projectx [17346]
  • Add new DVD theme "Black" [19843]


  • Has been converted to MythUI and now uses webkit instead of konqueror [18147]
  • Support for flash and javascript when using Qt 4.5 (including Hulu and iPlayer)
  • Convert to be a regular myth plugin rather than a standalone app [20933]




  • Converted to MythUI [16597]
  • Added option to use Internal player for playback of videos [16554]
  • Use Qt4's tiff support instead of libtiff [17777]
  • Warn the user if MythGallery's start directory cannot be found or is not readable before running the plugin [18748]
  • Add optional 'breadcrumbs' and position text area to icon view [21698]
  • Add optional state type to items to indicate a thumb represents a directory and also add text area to show child count. [21698]
  • Fix the image import feature. [21951]


  • Converted to MythUI [20780]
  • Added Fanart and Boxart support.
  • Added "Show Information" and "Edit Metadata" screens.
  • Add plot and screenshot browsing [20854]
  • MythUI fixes for MythGame?, everything but for the tree should be optional. [21957]


  • Converted to MythUI [19816]
  • Don't quit the application when it fails to parse the xml from the grabber [17360]


  • Remove the direct dependancy on libfaad and mp4ff by switching to use ffmepg's libav* for decoding aac in mythmusic. --enable-libfaad can be used to go back if aac audio files are not playable with ffmpeg's native decoder. [20962]
  • Make the action on exiting MythMusic configurable [17823]
  • Replaces the mad,vorbis and flac decoders with the AVF decoder which uses our internal ffmpeg libs [19477]
  • Port the music miniplayer to mythui [19785]
  • Port the EditMetadata screen to mythui [19793]
  • Port the Import Files/Coverart screens to mythui [19796]
  • Port the CD Ripping screens to MythUI [19798]
  • Support some additional audio file extensions and containers in mythmusic [21063]
  • Bump the minimum required version of Taglib to 1.5 [21105]
  • Replace the existing Flac/Ogg Vorbis tagging classes with ones based on Taglib [21143], [21145]




see Transistion Guide: MythVideo_.22_Transition_Guide

  • New Default Movie Grabber: [19251]
  • New TV Grabber:
  • Ability to associate a trailer with a film, and watch it from the context menu [19441]
  • Ability to "Watch with Trailers," which will play a user-specified number of random trailers before the film
  • Screenshot, Banner, and Fanart support in UI/DB.
  • Screenshot, Banner, and Fanart support in grabbers (TMDB and TTVDB)
  • Handling of subtitle, season, and episode fields
  • Auto-parsing of common Television Episode naming conventions
  • Support for video and images in Storage Groups (streaming without a network mount)
  • Fixed UPnP nested video directories with PS3 clients [16557]
  • Converted to MythUI [18389]
  • Folders without "folder.jpg" images in them will display the poster of the first viable item within [21193]
  • "Metadata browsing" views. Build the tree by Genre, Category, Cast, Director, User Rating, Directory structure, etc. [21238]
  • Add a 'Watched' Flag [21217]
  • Add Alpacine grabber for Spanish users [21223]
  • Add a freeform text filter to the filter dialog [21274]
  • Add an alternate player option [21444]
  • Adds JAMU, Just Another Metadata Utility [21506]
  • Add Storage Group image hunt [21582]
  • Enable the use of coverart/fanart/banner/screenshot in the edit metadata screen [21667]
  • Make the MythVideo Banners, Fanart, Screenshots, and Coverart Storage Groups optional [22104]


  • Added caching of script results [16488]
  • Converted to MythUI [17041]
  • Fix for broken BBC location search [20068]
  • Tango weather icons added [21210]
  • Fix the BBC weather grabber after changes to the BBC web site and rss feeds. [21950]
  • Fix the current conditions screen not working with the NWS script [22117]


  • Fixed forget_old when deleting recordings [16806]
  • Added dupe checking to the mythweb video imdb search [16808]
  • Adding a lockdown feature to mythweb [17580]
  • Allows customization of the upcoming recordings page [17642]
  • Add iCal support [17740]
  • Adding in rss buttons to the bottom of the recorded page [17836]
  • Add the ability to filter mythwebs search results by recorded and will record [18557]
  • Add an 'interactive' mode to the mythweb remote panel [21303]
  • Add in a Program Category filter box to the search [21666]
  • Add in two alternative mythweb themes, Haze Dark and Haze Light [21799]


  • Update MythZoneMinder to work with the newer 1.23.x versions of ZM. [17099]
  • Converted to MythUI [18820] [18873]
  • Allow you to enable/disable a camera and to change a camera's Monitor function from the console screen [17263]

Support libraries

  • Various MHEG engine fixes updates [18184]
  • FFmpeg synced to revision 19352 (various changesets)
  • Add EAC3 spectral extension support [21465], [21466]
  • Add AAC/LATM parsing/decoding [21468]

Python Bindings

  • Additional functions for accessing Myth Protocol tasks. [21191]
  • FileTransfer class for transferring files to and from a backend. [21191]
  • Frontend class for use of the mythfrontend control socket. [21191]
  • Transition to UTF-8.
  • Additional functions for canned access to MythVideo database manipulation. [21190][21050]

Utility Applications


  • Added command-line option "-" to write output of mythtranscode to stdout. This switch also disables any verbose logging. [16535]
  • Added a --recorderOptions (or -ro) parameter for the lossy side of mythtranscode to allow overriding recordingprofile settings from the database. [16536]


  • Add some additional logging options to mythcommflag [17318]
  • Add a new commercial flagger "Pre & Post Roll" [21446]
  • Add storage group support to mythcommflag [21819], [21820]


  • Add some basic daemonizing and logging functionality [20366]



  • Fix a problem with mythshutdown --lock/--unlock [17342]
  • Fix a bug if you weren't using the ISODate format for the WakeupTimeFormat [18321]


  • Add script to export the upcoming recordings list as a ical formatted feed [17547]
  • Add Tk interface to frontend control socket [17645]
  • User job to simplify creating multiple clips from a recording [20020]
  • Add a script that will tell MythTV to flush all of the recordings in the "Deleted" recgroup to clear up hard drive space immediately [20651]