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It's fine to not be supported, but that text in the wiki, but there are many people that run Myth this way and the wiki is supposed to be a resource for the users to store this type of information and you need to leave it in.

Hi there,

I beg to differ. Isn't that what a MUG is all about - people who use Myth and their experiences getting it working. I've used links where the info is readily available on other wikis, but the rest of the info was my personal experience. I had been to the South African MUG with the hope that someone nearby had been through the same experience I had, and frankly, the info on that page is pretty useless. Looking at the South African MUG, the only thing relevant to the South African MUG would be how to make use of XML schedule file from All the other info is either old, outdated or obselete (even the XMLTV section was invalid before I got hold of it).

I just followed the template created by the original authors and hoped to share my experience.


Ok - I've shuffled some stuff around - let me know if it's ok.

compiling xport under linux

I had an issue compiling xport under linux. I got the following error:

$ cc -o xport xport.c xport.c: In function ‘parse_vc1_video’: xport.c:1942:8: warning: format ‘%f’ expects argument of type ‘double’, but argument 2 has type ‘long double’ [-Wformat] xport.c:1990:8: warning: format ‘%f’ expects argument of type ‘double’, but argument 2 has type ‘long double’ [-Wformat] $

A look at lines 1942 and 1990 in xport.c showed the problem to be with the frame_rate type. I bit of searching for frame_rate and I found the offending line, 1601

I changed line 1601 from:

static longdouble frame_rate = 1.0;


static double frame_rate = 1.0;

I thought you might like to include this info somewhere for those that want to compile xport for the script.