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This is a placeholder for an AMD page on CPUs / APUs / GPUs.

Graphics drivers

Open source

The open source drivers are gaining in performance and efficiency, closing the gap between the closed sourced drivers.

Closed (proprietary) source

The binary drivers for AMD graphic devices can be found on the website or in the repositories for your distribution. You can check to see which version of your graphics card is supported with the link below.

Webpage.png - Version history from ATI and older drivers

You can find the latest drivers from the link below. Note to install these drivers you will need to install the relevant dependencies and compile the driver against your kernel.

Download.png - Download the latest driver from ATI


AMD now offer CPU and GPU bundles. These can make for small and efficient frontend / backends.

Users can add in their experiences in the experience matrix.

Model Name Model Number 1080i playback Bluray playback Render mode Chipset Open / closed source
A4 4000 Yes Unknown VAAPI A55m Unknown


Model Name Model Number 1080i playback Bluray playback Extras Power consumption / TDP Released