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For the German version, please check ATI All-in-Wonder HowTo (German).


The ATI All-in-Wonder Pro cards are notorious for the bad driver support under Linux. An advance is that especially in HTPCs they use little space for a lot of functionality. Luckily there is a partial solution. The goal is just to be able to watch tv with tvtime. Recordin through MythTV is currently NOT possible.

At you can obtain the source code for a kernel module by Eric Sellers, that makes it possible to easily access the recording function of the AIW.

SuSE 9.2

Install the kernel-source packet on top of the regular kernel. Change directory to /usr/src/linux. There execute the command make cloneconfig. This prepares the source code.

Mach64 video4linux2 module

Download this from and unpack it. In the new v412 directory execute the command make KDIR=/usr/src/linux. When no errors are reported, laod the new module with insmod ./genericv41.ko. With dmesg you can check to see if everything loaded correctly.

Modify MythTV

In the install directory of MythTV, either /usr/share/mythtv or /usr/local/share/mythtv (depending on the distribution), you only have to edit the file mainmenu.xml. You can simply add a new entry. The code looks like this:

      <text>Direct Mode</text>
      <text lang="PT">Modo Directo de TV</text>
      <text lang="ES">TV directo</text>
      <text lang="CA">TV directe</text>
      <text lang="DE">TV direkt</text>
      <text lang="SV">TV direkt</text>
     <!-- <action>EXEC xawtv -f -device /dev/video1 -dspdev /dev/mixer:cdrom -vbidev /dev/dbi1 </action> -->
      <action>EXEC tvtime -d /dev/video1 -x /dev/mixer:cd</action>

Here is assumed that you'd have to have a second TV card to record. The AIW is therefore used as 2 cards just for viewing. When you use the code commented out by