AVerMedia Hybrid Volar Max

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AVerMedia AverTV Hybrid Volar Max (H826)
Vendors Website http://www.avermedia-usa.com/AVerTV/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?Id=431
Input Formats not applicable
Support Status Works on 0.21 (Only OTA ATSC tested)
Driver Linux x64/86 Beta drivers on product's support page. Only Tested OTA ATSC on Kaffeine and MythTV, Works
Sound Driver not applicable
Chipset not applicable

The AverTV Hybrid Volar Max supporting video capture over NTSC, ATSC/QAM, and S-Video. This is a 'hybrid' tuner, meaning that both analog and digital capture is handled by the same hardware, and the two cannot be used simultaneously.

x64-0.10 beta drivers included an API.txt file that says "AverMedia AverTV Volar /HX/AX/MAX supports the following API.

Video for Linux 2(V4L2): for analog TV Linux DVB: for digital TV"

Testing OTA ATSC using the Hybrid Volar Max (H826), works fine in MythTV and Kaffeine. No chance to test QAM/NTSC yet. Looks like it's siblings (Plain Volax HX/AX) should also work.