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=George Nassas=
=George Nassas=
Currently hacking on an EPIA box and building Myth appliances for friends.
Currently hacking on the [https://github.com/MythTV-Clients/MythExpress MythExpress] client and building Myth appliances for friends.
=Joshua Penix=
=Joshua Penix=

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This is a dumping page for improper user pages, with no known wiki user to migrate them to. Most of these will be pages migrated from the old wiki.

James Armstrong

Software / Electronics Engineer, develop in C, Assembly, and Delphi. Dabble in php and perl.

My MythTV Setup:

Backend is an Athlon 2400, 512 megs memory, 520gigs storage, two PVR-250's, two Air2PC HDTV cards, one pcHDTV-2000 card.

Frontend is a Pentium 4 3Ghz HT, 1gig memory, 160gigs storage, DVD/CDRW recorder, Audio Authority VGA->Component converter, Hitachi 53" Widescreen HDTV, Logitech Dolby Digital Surround sound.

Other puters: Athlon 2000 Windbloze XP, Athlon 2000 Linux FC3 fileserver / firewall, Duron 900 Linux fileserver / Misterhouse, Windbloze Laptop, Via C3 800 Shuttle, Mac Mini 1.42Ghz / 512Meg, Mac 333G3.

You can send me an email at mythtv @ thearmstrongs.org.

Lonnie Bornterger

I live in Bakersfield, CA. Been using and administering Linux desktops and servers since 0.99pl13 (1992 or 1993). Now running my own web development, domain hosting, and IT consulting business (BITS).

My current MythTV setup is a backend (and sometimes frontend) running on my dual-Athlon office desktop system (which is simultaneously browsing, playing music, etc.), and a frontend running on my laptop (also in my office). This is so I can record and watch my shows away from my family. ;-) The laptop is only used to watch pre-recorded shows, since liveTV across the net is too jumpy for me. Version 0.16 at the moment. My only add-on is MythWeb.

Both systems are running Mandrake Cooker.

Email: [[1]]

Josh Bozarth

Email: [2]

Charlie Brej

Email: [[3]]

Jim Burnes

Email: jvburnes AT SPAMFREE yahoo DOT com

I've been wanting to set aside a little time to help out with the MythTV projet. Since I don't have a huge amount of experience with MythTV yet, the most natural place to start is at the beginning and lay down the experience of installing Myth.

If you're just getting started with MythTV, fear not. I'm just getting started too, but maybe I can help you if you get stuck since I've been doing nothing but systems and software development since 1976. (Well, I did manage to squeeze in a CSc degree and family in there somewhere.)

Join me in The Myth Adventure

I have a fairly deep background in computers, so I wanted to see how easy I could make this for someone with minimal experience.

My background is in Internet security, systems engineering and software development. My preferred development environment is Debian Linux, and since Knoppix is a version of Debian I'll be using KnoppMyth as a baseline to install MythTV.

Luckily KnoppMyth is one of the easiest and most full-featured MythTV distributions to install. All you have to do is drop the CD in the drive and you are on your way. Since I'm a fairly gonzo systems hacker, I'll be running through several tutorials covering everything from picking hardware, to a basic install of Myth and a fully maxed-out front-end/back-end system plus the kithen sink.

So, let's start the adventure...

Picking Your Hardware

Installing Myth via KnoppMyth

-- Jim

Jim's Bio:

I've been applying Linux in engineering environments since the .95 days (around March of 1992). Linux has always been fun for me. Before Linux I was an old Amiga hacker. There is a lot of simlilarity between those groups.

more in ... Jim's Background

Steve Campion

I've been a Myth user since 0.16, and think it's fantastic :-)

Unfortunately I've got one of those annoying Epia motherboards that locks up due to DMA issues. Progress is being made though, and it only happens once or twice a day now!

I've started putting together a perl module to allow easy querying of the backend. Not knowing perl all that well, this is proving a challenge. Once again, progress is being made - albeit slowly.


  • VIA Epia MII 10000
  • 512Mb RAM
  • Seagate 160Gb HDD (model HDS722516VLAT20)
  • Hauppauge PVR-350 (PAL)
  • Ralink RT2500 wireless network card


  • Debian unstable - 2.6.6 kernel
  • ivtv-0.3.3k
  • ndiswrapper
  • MythTV 0.17 from Debian packages

Michael Carland

Email: Yahoo username mcarland

Personal: I've built a diskless VIA M10k (netboot) in a Travla C158-60W case. I replaced the front panel circuit board with one I build that puts an IR receiver at the HD activity hole, has an RF tranmitter on my ceiling fans frequency, and connects to the internal serial header for use with LIRC.

I'm a little disapointed with the noise from the Travla case fan. I bought a "low noise" 40mm fan from Micro Center, and it was barely audible when I powered it up, but when I installed it in the case, it makes more noise than the original. There must be something about the grill, or vibration of the case itself.

I had ordered a PVR-500MCE from buy.com, and after a month of it on backorder, ordered another from BLT, figuring I'd cancel one when the other shipped. They both shipped at the same time two weeks later. D'Oh!

Installed one PVR-500 in my old 400MHz K6-3 desktop, built a lot of software, worked out a lot of problems (mostly of my own creation), and have a setup with very few problems.

There is some A/V stuttering occasionaly in live tv mode, which I need to work out. Also, the left and right side of the TV display are not straight. I tweaked the X driver so that it at least covers the entire visible portion of the TV, but it is very obvious when menus are displayed because the lines near the edges are curved. I'm waiting for an alternate TV out video card to determine if it is the M10K video, or my TV. The listers seem to think it is my TV, but my TiVo displays almost no curve, using the same input and cables.

Speaking of waiting, I finally ordered my dedicated backend parts, but for some reason a week has past and Monarch has still not shipped them. I scaled back to a single processor AMD64 3200+ (939), and lots of memory so I can also run Slim Server on the same machine. Slim Server seems to be a memory hog, keeping all the data of my CD collection in it's Perl brain. I'm hoping the new backend will relieve the A/V stuttering problem during live tv.

Simon Crute

Email: [[4]]

OK. Who am I  ?

Well, currently I work for Novell as an internal support guy, mainly helping the internal support guys support NLD internally. I'm not a huge linux expert, I don't know loads about any one particular part of linux, but I do know how it all hangs together, and what end users want. (or at least, what internal IT guys want end users to want :) ) I'm also the technical lead for Novell's internal linux rollout for EMEA.

All my myth contributions are done in my spare time, and have no relevance to my work at Novell and as far as I know, Novell has no interest in Myth. As such the copy-write is mine to assign to the wiki to use or re-use as required.

The myth RPMs I've linked to were ported by me from the rpms at atrpms Eventually for those interested I'll post difs on the SPEC files.

Previously to working for Novell, I've worked as a contractor for

  • The MOD
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Broadvision
  • EDS (BA Enginearing, LHR)
  • Royal And Sun Alliance
  • Friends Provident
  • Midlands Electricity

doing a wide variety of rolls frpm support to team leadering, and poject managment on technology including dos, windows, NT, OS/2, Solaris and Linux.

Ken Van Dine

Email: [5]

Daniele De Francesco

Hi everyone,

I've put mythfrontend on an Xbox and I'm not trying to make sure I can access all my music.

I have this problem: I want to create playlists in XMMS or Win Amp and use them in mythtv-music.

If anybody knows how, please let me know. Otherwise my quest for the truth starts now.

And if you want to mod an old xbox to run linux, just let me know!

  • Hey Dani,

About your problem, just use Winamp and save theh playlists as .pls or save them as m3u and change the extension to pls. If you keep all your music in the same folder structure (playlist in the folder with tunes) you should be able to play it this way.


Steve Frank

email: m0bilitee @ Ihatespam . gmail .com

Production: Abit NF7, AthlonXP 2000+, 512M with 120 & 160GB Seagates, LVM, Fedora Core 1, currently on 0.15.1. PVR350 and PVR250, Comcast Motorola Cablebox and analog.

Development/Experimenting Abit AN7, AthlonXP 2500+ overclocked, PCHDTV 3000, Fedora Core 3, 40GB Maxtor.

Michael Haas

Email: [[6]]


I'm a 18 years old student from Germany and have been using MythTV for about 9 months now. It's great software and I hope I can contribute to it!

As you can probably tell from my email adress, my nickname is "laga". You can find me in #mythtv-users in freenode, and in #mythtv-de, which is a german channel where you can talk about MythTV.

I'm also a moderator at www.mythtvtalk.com, where I'm especially responsible for the German subsection.

Roger Hanson

My Myth box (KnoppMyth, actually)

KnoppMyth R5V22 (Front/Backend on same box)
Compaq Deskpro
1- 160GB HD
1- 300GB HD
Hauppauge PVR-350
NO Soundcard

Works great but I need more Hard Drive space.
Occasional lock-ups (seems to happen mostly when pressing remote buttons too fast)

Martyn Henderson

Email: martyn @ henderson.d2g.com


I live in the UK, and have been using Myth since Jan 2004. I'm on my 2nd myth build after 'proving' it would all work, I downsized the machine and made it more acceptable in the living room.

We now have 8 'Freeview' channels courtesy of a Hauppage Nova-T DVB card.

My Setup:

Master Backend: (and front end)

Pentium 3 800 mhz 128MB ram (yes really and it's fine)* 120GB Disk

  • Remember myth is not re-encoding my Mpeg data coming off the DVB card, as that is already, in Mp2 so I dont need as much horsepower as an analog 8x8 card for example.

120GB Harddrive

Top Tips

Installation (and Noise)

Rather than spend a fortune on making my myth machine quiet, it lives in the Den under the desk, and has an external vga-svideo converter (maplins) which feeds the tv in the living room along a 15m length of CAT-5.

I just made 2 cat5 adapters to carry the 4 wires needed for s-video (composite degraded too much along the cable), and 4 for audio.. it works a treat, and was way cheaper than buying expensive coolers and quiet PSU's.

UK TV Guide data

I use Andrew Fleggs excellent site, and data feed for UK channels. I use this nasty script, but it works for me, in about 2 seconds!

date >> /var/log/mythtv/daily.log
echo "-Remove old data.xml file if it exists..."
rm /tmp/data.xml >nul
echo "-Download updated listings from www.bleb.org..."
wget -q -O /tmp/tvdata.zip "http://www.bleb.org/tv/data/listings?days=0..6&format=xmltv&channels=bbc1,bbc2,itv1,itv2,ch4&file=zip&Application=MythTV&EmailAddress=me@mymail.com" >nul
echo "-Uncompress.."
cd /tmp
unzip /tmp/tvdata.zip >nul
echo "-Update MythTV.."
mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 /tmp/data.xml > /var/log/mythtv/daily.log

Derek Hughes


In Australia

First Myth Box is FC3 with a PVR350. Enjoy building things myself, about to do 2 remote front ends. Also building a DIY Projector.

Have completed RHCT, about to do my CCNA and RHCE.

Other Interests include Piercings - Got a few :) Motorsport - I drive a 420hp (at all four wheels) GTR Partying.


John Johnson

Email: [[7]]

Leigh Jurus

Email: <ljurus AT SPAMFREE earthlink DOT net>

Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy is an engineer for a PBS station in the central US somewhere who did extensive work on the IVTV driver in the 0.2 release train.

Jonathan Kochel

Email: [[8]]

Personal: Have been working on myth since 03/01/2004. I have worked through countless hardware issues, and have acceived acceptable performance. Myth was my first reason to learn Linux, and has given me some experience in the OS and its community.

Current Issues

  • Dolby Surround - My receiver picks up dolby surround sound when I watch tv outside of myth, but when I watch live or recordings inside of myth, I only get sound out of the center channel.

Setup: Backend/Frontend Fedora Core 2 AMD AthlonXP 2800+ Nforce2 MB 512 DDR PVR-350 PVR-250 Nvidia 5200 with TV/OUT ATI Remote

Steve Kr

Email: [[9]]

Shawn Leas

I am octothorp AT gmail. Bow to the great "#"!

MythTV has supplanted my TiVo, and that's no small accomplishment.

if ($you->{like}->{beer} and $you->{like}->{8ball}) {
  print "Why not have a gathering at a billiards joint?$/";

Sebastian Lehn


I'm a Myth-friend who has replaced the normal tv-equipment with an linux-box.

My Myth-Linux-Box

  • AMD Athlon 2800+
  • 640 MB DDR400 RAM
  • SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS
  • Terra Tec Cinergy 1200 DVB-S
  • 80 GB harddisk for video-stuff and
  • 32 GB for system and software
  • etc.

Bryan Lockwood

... is running MythTV 0.18 on Ubuntu Hoary.

... is a little bit (well maybe a lot) hard of hearing, so very interested in closed captioning news.

... occasionally updates his own website adminfoo.net

... has been known to answer mail sent to bryan\at\lockwoods.us (has also been known to ignore it though)

Sean Melendy

Welcome to my page

Sean Melendy AkA digitalboy AkA optersean

Been using computers since elemantary school, been using linux since high school (1997) I have my own little HTPC site and I'm a moderator at mythtvtalk also on Irc myth-users but dont' say a lot there.

I'll put up some stuff on my htpc mythbox soon.....

Nigel Metheringham

My page!

Email: [[10]]

Look at Recent Changes and then just call me The Reversion Kid :-)

(You're certainly beating me to it ;) - David Greaves)

Scott Minneman

Scott Minneman - sminneman at gmail.

I'm a law student, so my time for tinkering with Myth is limited, but I've set up one system and love it. When I get some time (possibly this summer), I'm going to set up frontends around the house, and hopefully convince my roommate to ditch his Tivo in favor of Myth ;)

Athlon XP 3200+, 260GB, 2x WinTV Go

Pagina Personale Modello

Email: tu@chiss�.dove.it

Peter Valdemar Mörch

Email: [11]

So I'm here in Denmark using MythTV. I've lived in the US and had a TiVo, and was puzzled why not everyone has such a beast.

Now I've created myself a MythTV, and am thrilled.

Take a look at my home pages!



Jonathan Motzfeld

Oh, I'm so glad to be using MythTV! This project ROCKS!

Since tv_grab_dk_alt stopped working due to complete layout change at tdckabeltv.dk, I created tv_grab_dk_tdckabeltv grabber instead.

Find it here: attachment:tv_grab_dk_tdckabeltv



George Nassas

Currently hacking on the MythExpress client and building Myth appliances for friends.

Joshua Penix

Located in San Diego, California. Active in local Linux community.

Contact me at jpenix at binarytribe dot com.

Andrew Plumb

Mailing List Email: [14]
Personal Email: [15]
Work Email: [16]

WWW: http://www.plumb.org/tekmage/

Lane Schwartz

Just your average Myth user. :) Best way to get in touch with me is the Myth users mailing list. I can be reached via my gmail address as dowobeha. I occasionally show up on the myth irc channel. When I do, it's either as lane or dowobeha.

I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. See Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN MUG (Minni MUG) if you'd like to get together.

Geoff Scott



The current WAF of 8 reflects the success I had last night with my rebuild. I got a new OS drive, upgraded from FC1 to FC2, and ugraged MythTV from 0.15.1 to 0.16. The wife is much happier than a week or so ago when the WAF was at 1 becuas the box was broken beyond my abilities (see what I get for "playing"?)


I can be contacted at geoff.scott.mail -at- gmail -dot- com


I've been using MythTV since early 2004. I use it full time and it's in the living room. I simply love it.

Back to PoOr MUG

Ramses Smeyers

Email: [[17]]

Using MythTV from CVS on FC4 in Belgium with a PVR350
RPM packages can be found at http://ramses.smeyers.be/varia/mythtv-cvs/

Colin Smillie

Colin Smillie - csmillie at gmail dot com.

Several MythTV PCs with Fedora Core 3 and the Hauppauge 250/350 tuners with Rogers Cable.

More details here: http://colin.smillie.ca

J. Donavan Stanley

I'm J. Donavan Stanley a software engineer for going on 14 years or so now. About half of that time was spent working for Compuserve and later AOL doing Unix server side development. I'm currently doing Windows based client side development as a consultant, not my favorite stuff but it pays the bills.

I started playing with MythTV in Dec. of 2003, before I even had a capture card for my box. By Jan. I'd started using it in conjunction with my Tivo. By Feb. I'd gained a high enough WAF that my wife requested the removal of our Tivo. It was about that time that I started submitting patches back to the project. Isaac got tired of applying all of my patches over the course of the following months, and gave me commit rights to the CVS tree.

I'm currently working on a facelift for the Blue Theme


Patrick Stevens

Email: firstname.lastname AT sbcglobal DOT net

... Current mythbox:

  • MSI MicroATX board (k7n2m2)
  • AMD 3200 CPU
  • 1G RAM (overkill, but nice to have)
  • Haupauge PVR-250 card
  • SB Live 5.1
  • Gentoo Linux using 2.6.10 Love sources

I set up this box in Dec 04 as a project to during winter break. I am curently getting the parts to put together a 2.25TB server to store all my media.

Chris Stiehl

Want to come to a Pittsburgh MUG? contact me at: chris-mug at pgh4 dot com

Marcelo Toledo

Hello World!

Adam Walker

Yup, another Mythtv lover.

Currently have old compaq with amd 1800 chip works great but replacing with antec 2500 etc for HDTV usage [hopefully.]

I am a unix admin with 50+ aix boxes and 10 linux..plus SAN etc.

If you have comments feel free to email direct or you'll also see me in mythtv email.

Tom Watson

Want to come to a Pittsburgh MUG? contact me at: mug at tommywatson dot com.

The Shadyside Supercomputing Center is:

1x PVR-350

2x PVR-250

1.5TB disk space

Linux vector 2.6.12-gentoo-r6 #3 Sat Aug 20 19:36:52 EDT 2005 x86_64 AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+ AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux

Status: http://www.shadysidesupercomputingcenter.com/cgi-bin/mythtv-status.cgi

Paul Williamson

I've been using linux since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I use it at work to monitor our network, and participate in a whole bunch of open source projects like MRTG, RRDTool, Cacti and a whole mess of other stuff.

And oh yeah, MythTV. I run MythTV backend on a decent Celery 2.4 Ghz box with ab out 1 tb of space just for videos. I also have about 450gb of music and album art. I also use it for displaying pictures. I have a MediaMVP for two frontends, and a netboot IBM Netvista frontend. I just picked up a Silver Stone LC01 case for super cheap, then grabbed an Asus P4P800 SE with a Celery 2.4 and a PVR250. I'm netbooting this as well. It is hooked up to my cable box, and records via the regular coax and uses an IR blaster. Once I get my crap together, I'm going down to the local cable office and grab an HD box (I have no HD TV yet!) and start recording over firewire.

Buffalo MUG Page

Main MUG Page

MythTV Info Main Page

Javier Blanco

email: javier.bj@gmail.com


  • Asus A7V8X-X
  • KT400 Chipset
  • RAM 256 MB 266 Mhz
  • Seagate HD 80 GB UDMA133 7200 rpm
  • Geforce 4 MX 400
  • Hauppauge PVR-350 (PAL)
  • Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1
  • Pionner DVD-RW A106


  • Knoppmyth R5A10

Vijay Kailas

Vijay Kailas - twopair at gmail.

I'm a programmer/engineer/student, like to tinker with Myth in spare time, setup a system on fc and one with knoppmyth. hopefully when i get time i'll setup myth tv on my hd projector (optoma h30) with the cable box's firewire out (not sure if it is active for comcast)

Athlon XP 2500+ xpm overclocked, 250GB pata, 1 pvr-250, geforce fx5200 for tv out, ATC-620 case.

Kyle Anderson

Email: [[18]]


My name is Kyle Anderson. I have been using MythTV since the January 2004. MythTV was my first Linux related endeavour, and it helped introduce me to an entirely new world of software and community. I love it. The philosophy and collaboration somehow make me feel more, human (at the risk of sounding corny.) I hope to contribute to the MythTV community with this website and hopefully code in the future.

My Setup:

Master Backend:

  • Pentium 4 2.4ghz (You didn't think they made them that slow did you?)
  • 512 megs Ram
  • 500GB LVM
  • 2 OEM Pvr250's
  • Real Cable TV!

David Greaves


I'm one of the team (see Admin Group) who got this site up and on it's feet :)

(If you don't like the design then someone else did it - if you do then "ta")

My wife made me do it. So blame her (I do - frequently ;) )

"Build me a PVR" she said
"a what" I said
"A TIVO" she said, "I've seen this Hauppauge card..."

So we used the crap windows software for about an hour and then I went looking for the right way to do it... Thank goodness Myth supports the 350...

Anyway, I hijacked her PC - good trick 'cos then she let me buy another so she could have hers back.

So I bought one of the Antec Cases (the big Overture)

Then when she'd recorded loads of shows I pointed out:"If you like dear, I could build you one for the bedroom too. They make a cute small version of the sexy black one we've got in the lounge."

So we got a Minuet too ;)

Have a look at /Myth Boxes for more detail

Contact me : myth at dgreaves.com

More than happy to chat...

Some Background

I started out as a sysadmin on a SCO/Sun/SGI network, got into hacking at C and emacs and generally did techy stuff. I moved on to bigger things and ended up at SGI (UK) looking after their systems. Then they merged with Cray and generally lost the plot ;) (I still have the T-shirts though!) Since then I've started up a web company (who hasn't?) done consultancy things and wound up doing big architecturey things for BT. I don't get my hands dirty at work (much) so I mess about at home (Shopper for the Zaurus is mine).

Myth Plans

Not many - it's working well. We may plug in an extra digital freeview card to solve the very occasional conflicts.

Myth Boxes

We started with bao being an 'all in one' box but that's not enough for some people - oh, no. Denise wanted more....

So we bought 6x250Gb sata disks and a Promise sata controller.

But they won't fit (we knew that)

So we got a cheap full tower case, painted it copper and plan to move a spare Athlon 1200 into it. Then we'll moved bao's info over and had it write via NFS. It's cool to have a terabyte of storage. It's even cooler to be using it!

Then we moved the 350 to a non-VIA system (VERY GOOD IDEA!!!) - a cheap �99 Dell (very nice and quiet actually)

Then I made the little minuet in the bedroom boot diskless. Just a motherboard, Athlon and memory - very nice.

The Antec Overture encased bao still lives in the lounge but it's using its disk to boot still...

So we have four machines now:

teak is the backend PVR350 based one. It runs the database and lircd with a homemade transmitter to control the sky box.

It's a 'special offer ' �99 Dell and lives in a rack in the study with the sky box on top. (Boy was the Sky man confused when I asked him to install the box in a study with no TV :) )

cu is the file server. An Athlon 1200 with 6x250Gb SATA drives. It runs XFS over LVM over Raid5 - see: LVM on RAID

bao is the lounge box that drives the projector. It lives in an Antec Overture case - really nice but not as silent as I'd hoped (although the CPU fan is a big part of that)

It has:

  • an Athlon 1800
  • 768b of memory (waste!)
  • An ASUS VIA KT600 A L (has sata, via sound, ethernet)
  • a 160Gb SATA disk
  • onboard optical S/PDIF

It runs:

  • Debian
  • MythTV 0.18.1
  • kernel 2.6.12
  • lirc (homebrew receiver)

ebony is the little frontend only one.

It lives in an Antec Minuet case - really nice and I recommend it

It has:

  • an Athlon 2600
  • 512Mb of memory
  • an AOpen MK79G-1394 (perfect with s-video output - so of course they're not made anymore)
  • no disk - so it's Disk Less

It runs:

  • Debian diskless
  • kernel 2.6.12
  • lirc (homebrew receiver only)

I must link to http://www.daniel.nofftz.net/linux/Athlon-Powersaving-HOWTO.html


  • Any chance you can upgrade to Moin Moin 1.2.4 (a simple incremental upgrade) and enable the anti-spam features. The current set of defacements is getting tiresome.
  • Alternatively mod the ACLs to require login before editing - -- Nigel Metheringham (2005-09-29T08:20:08Z)

Nathan Hesson

Just another MythTV fan here. I am trying to keep up with all of the change logs and get them posted here.

I just turned 20 a bit ago and have been following myth off and on since .14. Things got a little bit crazy when I got married 6 months ago but after things settled down I got my box back in operation and my wife loves it.

I run an Ubuntu box with a PVR-350. Very little memory (256mb) and a 2.1 ghz P4. Nothing special. I would recommend to any noobie that is unsure in their linux skills. There is a lot of help available at ubuntuforums.org. I got my mythbox up and running within 3 hours with a fresh ubuntu install. That is a record time for me but I have had other working installations so that might be why it was so quick. Either way I love Ubuntu and will probably make it my distro of choice. If you have any questions on how I got my box working feel free to contact me at
nhesson at gmail dot com

I have a small php script that I keep on my website that points a subdomain of my site to my dynamic ip address at my house (stupid dsl ip address keeps changing). I will put the code and instructions on here at some point soon.

Check out my website Hessonet.com

Todd Coffey

Mail: tsc at ecoffey dot org

I have really enjoyed playing around with MythTV and my system has evolved with the development of MythTV. I started in February 2003 with a 1G Duron machine, 8G hard-drive, ATI TV Wonder and GeForce2 MX400. I quickly realized this was too slow for the quality I desired, so this machine turned into an Athlon 2100+, 120G HD, ATI TV Wonder setup which then morphed into a backend frontend system with the 1G Duron as the frontend. Then I got another ATI TV Wonder card for the frontend and another 120G HD put together with LVM on the backend so I have 190G of space for recordings. Now I'm seriously thinking of getting an Xbox as the frontend and turning that machine into a dedicated NFS server for MythTV due to frame-drops when deleting large files with MythWeb. And the saga continues... Its been a fantastic hobby that my family can love.  ;-)

I would like to see more documentation about how an average user can make contributions to MythTV. [ You're welcome to come help us out with the User Manual -- Bay Link (2004-09-20T16:41:48Z) ]

Thank you Isaac! Your hobby has spawned a myriad of other hobbies and created new wealth and happiness in the world!

Update (09/19/04): I've had blooming contrast problems with the ATI TV Wonder card in my backend since I had a MB go bad, so I finally decided to ditch it and find another. I replaced it with the Hauppauge 401 FM card and to my amazement, not only did the contrast problem go away, but so did all these little analog tuning issues that I had always assumed were due to the LONG cable between the cable wall port and my main backend server. This makes me seriously question whether these same tuner artifacts in my frontend machine are due to the crappy ATI TV Wonder card. But now I'm back to two tuners and the main one is fantastic! Oh, and BTW, 0.16 installed flawlessly and has some very nice features which I'm starting to try out.  ;-) Big thanks to all the developers!

Hi :) - If you're having problems deleting files try using the xfs filesystem. It's the suggested solution for this issue. -- David Greaves

An excellent suggestion, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Now I just need to figure out where to move 150G of recordings so I can reformat that partition. Looks like its time for one of those 200G hard-drives... :-) -- Todd Coffey

Nah, this is what you need : LVM on RAID, 1Tb - droool! ;) -- David Greaves

(BTW, it's good practise to 'subscribe' to your homepage - that way whenever it changes you get an email.)

Update (06/02/05): I'm starting to dislike Gigabyte MBs! I've had two now that failed. The first had the onboard video fail and after a reboot it wouldn't come back up.  :-( The second (due to emergency repair issues, I had to get another), had the onboard audio fail and I had to replace the audio card.  :-( And I think its very misleading that the SoundBlaster Live 24bit cards (ca0106) say they're supported by alsa, but the mic/line-in doesn't work on these cards!  :-( (I now have a used SoundBlaster Live emu10k1 card) Well, I've upgraded to 0.18.1, and its working very well. My next two purchases will be: 200G+ HD and PVR500 card. As to LVMRaid, have you looked into EVMS? Supposedly you get all the benefits of software raid with LVM and you get automatic bad block detection. -- Todd Coffey

Henk Poley

Maybe I should tell something about myself?

Nah... ;-)

Brian Le Fevre

Email: [[19]]

Myth Experience: I have been using myth since 0.13 (which is roughly about a year now). I consider myself a poor coder (but a great perl scripter) and never could really make a acceptable patch for the project, yet I have tweaked a few things to work better for me.

I have built 3 myth boxes (based on the same hardware). I have a wireless network between two of them (that only works when they are on the same floor of the house. :) ) I have used the LIRC to control my Dish Network box with my own IR "blaster". I am trying to figure out the best way (integrate with MythBurn???)to create dvds from my bttv capture card.

My myth boxes are currently based off of Mandrake 10.1 with myth compiled from source. I follow CVS on two boxes. I am also waiting for my HDTV capture card to come so I can delve into the world of HDTV on my 19 inch television ;)

UPDATE: I have succesfully managed to get the hd-3000 card to work on my myth box. It records great, however the lack of HD channels in my area is disturbing. I have lost slight interest in DVD burning since I have cleaned up my myth partition [[[(2005-01-27T15:14:29Z)]]

Hobbies: I enjoy playing with HTML/CSS/Javascript. I also like biking and skiing (yet skiing is too expensive). I am slowly picking up more hobbies since finishing college.

Comments: I gather the hot setup is MythDVDBurn, which someone mentioned on the list the other day, but I haven't looked into yet. -- Bay Link (2004-10-30T06:30:29Z)

Nigel Pearson

Here is my home page:


Scott Blomfield


AKA cyberknet - Sometime MythTV user.


  • Contributed the "Australian" translation to MythWeb
  • Passed along code for automatic language detection.


a. You can email me at mythtv.info at cyberknet dot net
a. My Online website is at http://www.cyberknet.net/
a. Like Gavin Hurlbut and Chris Petersen, you can usually find me on #mythtv-users on IRC, at irc.freenode.net.


Jeremiah Morris

Who am I?

I'm one of the Mac OS X folks; I wrote the Core Audio driver and helped write the QuickTime video driver. I'm currently working on:

  • adding GUIs where they're currently missing (like mysql.txt editing and initial language choice)
  • creating a process for building standalone .app packages from CVS
  • bugging the other developers when something breaks on the Mac

Favorite Myth links

My tutorial on building MythTV on OS X, Myth On Mac Osx, can help you get compiling on the Mac.

Nigel Pearson, fellow OS X developer, has a page dedicated to running MythTV on OS X.

Jan Ornstedt has produced a DarwinPorts binary of a (heavily modified) Myth 0.16 frontend.