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MythTV 0.25 added support for '''AirTunes''' and '''AirPlay''' for streaming audio and video from iOS devices to MythFrontend.
For a period, MythTV used a hack to support Airplay. Changes in iOS software have rendered that hack inoperable and therefore this page is of no use any longer.
{{Note box|Please note - ''AirPlay'' (and MythTV in general) do not support DRM encrypted videos such as those purchased via the Apple Store. Playback of such content will fail.}}
== Enabling AirTunes ==
AirTunes does not work out the box because AirTunes is a proprietary format and is encrypted in order to enable vendor lock-in.  Fortunately the encryption key has been discovered which enables use of AirTunes in open source applications such as MythTV.
When starting the frontend, you will get the following message in the log:
  RAOP Conn: Failed to read key from: /home/<user>/.mythtv/RAOPKey.rsa
You can obtain the key from the [https://raw.github.com/juhovh/shairplay/master/airport.key shairplay source].
Simply copy the entire section:-
  ''(and everything inbetween)
Paste into a new file at ''/home/<user>/.mythtv/RAOPKey.rsa'' and restart your frontend.
The correct RSA private key will have the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHA-1 SHA-1] sum <code>7a07afcdf4cbb5653318a329906afe5367cb8b13</code>.  You can check this with the command
  ''shell> ''openssl rsa -in ~/.mythtv/RAOPKey.rsa -outform der | sha1sum
Or, on shells missing sha1sum, like OS X:
  ''shell> ''openssl rsa -in ~/.mythtv/RAOPKey.rsa -outform der | openssl sha1
== Enabling AirPlay (video support) in MythTV 0.25 and Above==
This section only applies to 0.25
AirPlay support is disabled by default, you have to manually enable it at the command line.
=== Enabling In All Operating Systems ===
In 0.25:
Set the environment variable named MYTHTV_AIRPLAY before starting the frontend from the command line, for example:-
''shell> ''export MYTHTV_AIRPLAY="1"
''shell> ''mythfrontend
where ''shell>'' denotes the command-line prompt, not something you type.
In 0.26 and above, use the frontend GUI,
Setup -> General -> AirPlay Settings
=== Permanently Enabling in Ubuntu 10.04 and later (0.25 only) ===
Add this line in [http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man5/pam_env.conf.5.html ~/.pam_environment]
Re-login to load the environment variable.
=== Permanently Enabling in OSX Finder ===
If you want it enabled for starting '''MythFrontend''' from the Finder, run
''shell> ''echo setenv MYTHTV_AIRPLAY 1 | launchctl
and if you want it enabled this way permanently then run
''shell> ''echo setenv MYTHTV_AIRPLAY 1 >> ~/.launchd.conf
==On Your IOS Device==
From http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4437
Enable AirPlay from your iPhone (4S or 5) or iPad directly from the recently used apps section in iOS:
Connect your iPhone or iPad and your Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
On your iPhone or iPad, double-click the Home Button to display your recently used apps.
Swipe your recently used apps twice from left to right until you see the  icon.
[[File:AirPlay_icon.png|AirPlay mirroring icon]]
Tap the  icon to display a list of available AirPlay devices.
AirPlay Mirroring is not supported.
== Troubleshooting Notes ==
=== Not seeing AirPlay device in iTunes or iOS device ===
Make sure your firewall isn't blocking Bonjour request.
Bonjour uses port 5353 for UDP.
For Windows XP SP2 and later, check http://support.apple.com/kb/ts2235
On Linux/FreeBSD, make sure the avahi daemons is running.
On Windows, that the mDNS service is running
A message like the following in your logs would show, you can then lookup the error code below
RAOPDevice bonjourregister.cpp:56 (Register) - Bonjour: Error: -65563
(taken from the freely available mDNSResponder source code)
    kDNSServiceErr_Unknown                  = -65537,  /* 0xFFFE FFFF */
    kDNSServiceErr_NoSuchName                = -65538,
    kDNSServiceErr_NoMemory                  = -65539,
    kDNSServiceErr_BadParam                  = -65540,
    kDNSServiceErr_BadReference              = -65541,
    kDNSServiceErr_BadState                  = -65542,
    kDNSServiceErr_BadFlags                  = -65543,
    kDNSServiceErr_Unsupported              = -65544,
    kDNSServiceErr_NotInitialized            = -65545,
    kDNSServiceErr_AlreadyRegistered        = -65547,
    kDNSServiceErr_NameConflict              = -65548,
    kDNSServiceErr_Invalid                  = -65549,
    kDNSServiceErr_Firewall                  = -65550,
    kDNSServiceErr_Incompatible              = -65551,  /* client library incompatible with daemon */
    kDNSServiceErr_BadInterfaceIndex        = -65552,
    kDNSServiceErr_Refused                  = -65553,
    kDNSServiceErr_NoSuchRecord              = -65554,
    kDNSServiceErr_NoAuth                    = -65555,
    kDNSServiceErr_NoSuchKey                = -65556,
    kDNSServiceErr_NATTraversal              = -65557,
    kDNSServiceErr_DoubleNAT                = -65558,
    kDNSServiceErr_BadTime                  = -65559,  /* Codes up to here existed in Tiger */
    kDNSServiceErr_BadSig                    = -65560,
    kDNSServiceErr_BadKey                    = -65561,
    kDNSServiceErr_Transient                = -65562,
    kDNSServiceErr_ServiceNotRunning        = -65563,  /* Background daemon not running */
    kDNSServiceErr_NATPortMappingUnsupported = -65564,  /* NAT doesn't support NAT-PMP or UPnP */
    kDNSServiceErr_NATPortMappingDisabled    = -65565,  /* NAT supports NAT-PMP or UPnP but it's disabled by the administrator */
    kDNSServiceErr_NoRouter                  = -65566,  /* No router currently configured (probably no network connectivity) */
    kDNSServiceErr_PollingMode              = -65567,
    kDNSServiceErr_Timeout                  = -65568
=== Audio glitched in OS X ===
When using MythFrontend on OSX, you may not experience perfect audio playback, this issue is linked to a bug with IPv6 in the Qt software framework used by myth ([http://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-25634 Bug 25634])
=== Seeking on some streaming content hang the frontend ===
When seeking on some online content, such as when using the YouTube application, may result in the frontend showing "Searching..." and become non-responsive.
You can usually interrupt it by stopping playback on the iPhone and restarting it.

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For a period, MythTV used a hack to support Airplay. Changes in iOS software have rendered that hack inoperable and therefore this page is of no use any longer.