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MythTV 0.25 added support for AirTunes and AirPlay for streaming audio and video from iOS devices to MythFrontend.

AirPlay (video support) is experimental at this time.

Enabling AirTunes

AirTunes does not work out the box because AirTunes is a proprietary format and is encrypted in order to enable vendor lock-in. Fortunately the encryption key has been discovered which enables use of AirTunes in open source applications such as MythTV.

When starting the frontend, you will get the following message in the log:

 RAOP Conn: Failed to read key from: /home/<user>/.mythtv/RAOPKey.rsa

You can obtain the key from this post at the vlc-devel mailing list.

Simply copy the entire section:-

 (and everything inbetween)

Paste into a new file at /home/<user>/.mythtv/RAOPKey.rsa and restart your frontend.

Enabling AirPlay (video support)

Because AirPlay support is experimental, you have to manually enable it at the command line.

Set the environment variable named MYTHTV_AIRPLAY before starting the frontend, for example:-

 export MYTHTV_AIRPLAY="1"