Android TV Leanback Frontend

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This is an experimental lightweight MythTV frontend that is built for the Android TV "Leanback" interface. It does not have the full functionality of mythfrontend. I call it leanfront.

The Android Leanback user interface is used by many video streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video. leanfront will be consistent in look and feel with other android TV applications.

Advantages over mythfrontend

  • It is able to play 4K video at 60 fps with true 4K resolution.
  • It is able to play 1080p video smoothly on low end devices.
  • It uses hardware decoding exclusively for all video and audio output.
  • It supports Voice search using the built in microphone.
  • It works entirely off the service API, so it does not need database access.
  • The version is not tied to the MythTV version.


  • There is no facility for setting up recordings.
  • There are no plugins for Music, Photos, etc.
  • There is currently no support for Live TV


This is currently under development. It supports recording playback. Playback allows forward and back skipping and supports MythTV bookmarks and local bookmarks.


Video library playback will be added soon. Playback controls will be enhanced.


This application is based on the sample application provided at . It uses exoplayer from , which has a full featured library for playing video on android devices.