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Asus Pundit


The Asus Pundit P1 in White
The Asus Pundit is the name of a series of barebones systems manufactured by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. that many people use for their MythTV box. The series consists of the Pundit P1, P2 and P3. Each version has slightly different aesthetics, and each have a subset of motherboards - each with a different specification. Because of this, it can be quite confusing choosing an ideal case for you. Price varies little between all models.

Asus Pundit P1


  • Pundit P1-P5945GC
  • Pundit P1-P5945GCX
  • Pundit P1-P5945G


  • Pundit P1-AH1
  • Pundit P1-AH2

Asus Pundit P2


  • Pundit P2-P5945GC
  • Pundit P2-P5945GCX
  • Pundit P2-P5945G


  • Pundit P2-M2A690G
  • Pundit P2-AE2

Asus Pundit P3


  • Pundit P3-P5G31
  • Pundit P3-P5G33
  • Pundit P3-PH5X
  • Pundit P3-PH4C


  • Pundit P3-AE5