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ATV-Bootloader which uses principals from mach_linux_boot to boot a compiled-in Linux kernel and then finds and boots another Linux kernel using kexec (a user-land kernel bootloader). In addition, atv-bootloader translates several EFI structures into standard PC bios structures. This allows a standard Linux kernel to be booted without the numerous EFI patches required by both mach_linux_boot and mb_boot_tv.

atv-bootloader can a) search and find an existing grub menu.lst and auto-boot from it, b) search for a "" file and auto-execute it, and c) search for "" and auto-execute it. The initrd "" script currently search sdb then rest of the disk devices (this will be changed in the future once the real boot device can be recovered from the device tree passed by boot.efi). This procedure allows atv-bootloader to auto-boot a linux install or be extended for other uses. This is controlled by a "Kernel Flag" string param in and has the following definitions

atv-bootloader at google code.