Backend migration

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If you want to build a new master backend, and test it before taking it into service, then follow these steps:

  • Build the machine, install the OS, etc.
  • It is suggested that unless you have a dedicated network on which to test the new machine, to give it a new IP address and hostname.
  • Test the machine.

When you are ready to press the machine into service as the master backend:

  • Stop all frontend and backend processes on all machines.
  • Back up the database on your existing master backend.
  • Copy the resulting backup file to the new machine.
  • Restore the database on the new machine. Depending on how your distribution initialises the database upon installation of the backend, you may need to use the procedure for replacing the database by the backup.
  • Before doing anything else, change the hostname of the master backend.
  • Start up mythtv-setup and also change the master backend IP address on the General Settings page.
  • Copy all media (recordings, videos, music, etc) from the old machine to the same directory structure on the new machine.
  • If your frontends NFS-mount anything from the master backend, change those mounts to point to the new backend.
  • Start the master backend and all mythtv processes on all machines.