Bare Bones System

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Barebones systems are computer cases that already contain a motherboard. Most of these system are rather small, and therefore have the motherboard built in, so they can be great if you don't want a big clunky beige box. Sometimes other peripherals are also called "Barebones".

Interesting Barebones

  • Asus Pundit (URL)
    Quite a few people use this system, be sure you do not get it's newer brother Pundit-R, since not all of the hardware is supported under Linux. See this and this thread.
  • Asus Pundit-R - Fully supported with minimal effort using Ubuntu.
  • Asus Terminator
  • Shuttle XPC M1000
  • Shuttle XPC M2000
  • Shuttle XPC mini X100
  • Msi Mega Pc 180 / 651 / 865 /