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The base.xml file serves multiple purposes. Firstly, contents of the base.xml file may be inherited throughout MythTV, so it is generally where all the base versions of all the widgets are defined. Also, it defines certain windows used throughout the Myth Interface such as progress bars, popup dialogs, and search boxes.

base.xml Windows

Window Name Type Description
MythPopupBox Window A Generic Popup Menu.
MythDialogBox Window A Generic Dialog Box.
MythBusyDialog Window A "Busy" popup.
MythProgressDialog Window A Progress counter.
MythConfirmationDialog Window An "OK/Cancel" popup.
MythTextInputDialog Window A Text Entry popup.
MythSearchDialog Window An Incremental Search popup.
MythFileBrowser Window A File Browsing Dialog.
videowindow Window A "Please Wait" screen preceding video playback.

The "MythPopupBox" window

Widget Name Widget Type Description Required?
messagearea textarea The textual message area for the popup menu. Yes
list buttonlist The buttons for the popup menu. Yes