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The Blue-Abstract theme provides a clean, modern and elegant look for MythTV, the most popular linux homebrew DVR software. This theme requires at least MythTV 0.24.1 or trunk. Check out the screenshots!


14.01.2011: Download (Theme version 1.4 for MythTV 0.24 and later releases and. Themes the OSD screens to be consistent with theme version 1.3. All inheritances to base.xml were removed as required for the OSD theme. Added the cutlist editor screen. Improved the weather and also modified the netvision gallery screens.)

05.01.2011: Download (Theme version 1.3 for MythTV 0.24 and later releases. Added the required licence file. The theme is released under the GPLv2 licence. Many many changes have been done. New images, multiple layout and alignment fixes in all screens.)

25.11.2010: Download (Theme version for the MythTV 0.24 release. Added fonts for MythMusic to avoid possible invisible text. Updated DTD urls. Spelling corrections.)

16.09.2010: Download (Theme version for the upcoming MythTV 0.24 release. Added a better preview image. Improved some mythvideo settings screens.)

14.09.2010: Download (Improved theme description and added the theme chooser screen.)

06.09.2010: Download (Improved series fanart and cover display in the MythVideo gallery screen. Added improved MythNetvision (internet videos) screen. Replaced deprecated <bold> tags with <weight> tags. Added copyright information to weather screens. Ported OSD channel editor screen. Other minor changes.)

15.07.2010: Download (Most of the screens for the new OSD functionality in MythTV have been added! Finally the OSD is looking much better!)

26.05.2010: Download (Made the theme compliant with the xsd file (trunk 24666). Themed the new volume control dialog for mythmusic. More information is now shown in the mythnetvision search results. Added MythPopupBox in new osd.xml (trunk 24823).)


Mainmenu Schedule Recordings
Mainmenu view
Schedule view
Recordings view
Video Gallery with folders Video Gallery with fanart Video Details
Videos (Series Fanart)
Videos (Movie Fanart)
Video Details
Image Gallery CD ripping Internet Videos
Image Gallery
NetVision Search
Internet Videos
News News Weather Forecast
Music Player
Weather Forecast
Theme chooser Schedule editor
Theme Chooser
Schedule Editor


If you can't see any images in the menu or somewhere else then its usually a permission problem. First go to the theme directory, which is usually cd /usr/share/mythtv/themes. Then set the correct permissions for the directory with the command find blue-abstract-wide -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; and for the images with the command find blue-abstract-wide -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;.