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The Blue-Abstract theme provides a clean, modern and elegant look for MythTV, the most popular linux homebrew DVR software. This theme requires at least MythTV 0.25 or higher. Check out the screenshots below, the theme can be found on github or installed via the theme downloader from the Mythfrontend. A custom blue-abstract menu is also included in the theme.


31.10.2012: New theme version 1.9 for the MythTV 0.25 and later 0.26 releases. Fixed the bugs reported by the community and fixed other small issues. You can get the new version via the theme downloaded.

03.09.2012: Download (Theme version 1.8 for the MythTV 0.25 and later 0.26 releases. The entire theme has been revamped, improved and ALL missing screens are now themed. A menu has also been included. See the large Changelog for details.

13.01.2012: Download (Theme version 1.7 for the upcoming MythTV 0.25 release. Added the main screens for the rewritten MythMusic plugin! See the Changelog for details.)

23.12.2011: Download (Theme version 1.6 for the upcoming MythTV 0.25 release. Added a lot of new things! See the Changelog for details.)

23.06.2011: Download (Theme version 1.5 for MythTV 0.24.1 and later releases. The parental level stars are now displayed in mythvideo. Corrected the widget inheritances in the mythweather 18 hour screen. Added the MythSearchListDialog popup, the favicon and loading indicator to the mythbrowser page selector. Also added the new videowindow screen (Loading please wait...) and the first screens for the setup wizard.)


Mainmenu Video Gallery Video Manager
Mainmenu view
Video Gallery
Video Manager
Video Gallery (Series) Video Details Recordings
Video Gallery (Series)
Video Details
Watch Recordings
Music Gallery Music Playlist Internet Radio
Music Gallery View
Music Playlist View
Internet Radio
Image Gallery Search for Internet Videos Watch Internet Videos
Image Gallery
NetVision Search
NetVision Gallery
News Theme chooser Schedule editor
Theme Chooser
Schedule Editor
EPG view