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What is this?

Branches are spawned from trunk (or another branch) in order to concentrate on stabilizing the tree for release or to start implementing long-term changes that would disturb development in trunk. CVS and other version control systems use the word HEAD instead of trunk

Active branches


Active development branch.


Development branch for recorder improvements, including BDA (Windows), ASI (professional MPEG2), and Ceton CableCard support.


Development branch for rework of the existing myth_system function. Goals include a new MythSystem class intended to replace all existing QProcess, system, and execv calls.


Development branch for rework of the jobqueue. Short term goals include removal of the jobqueue from the backend, relying instead on the external mythjobqueue process, and addition of a job scheduler running on the master backend. Long term goals include removal of custom handling of transcoding and commflag jobs, rework of the database schema to allow for unlimited user jobs, and addition of Myth Protocol commands to route all database access through the job scheduler.

newaudiosetup (remote)

Development branch for new MythUI'd setup screens for audio configuration. This branch is available through jyavenard's personal fork on github.



This branch contains backported fixes for the currently released version of MythTV.

Dormant branches

These branches haven't been updated in two or more years, or have been closed.