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Important.png Note: The correct title of this article is bttv. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.

BTTV is a kernel module device driver used to support a set of TV tuner cards using the Brooktree chipset. This page contains key values to properly load bttv module in your system based on the model card you have.

Brook Tree

Brook Tree is the manufacturer of the bttv "family" of video capture chipsets. Many of these cards also provide audio capabilities supported by the btaudio drivers. These cards are software driven components in that they rely on the computer processor to handle much of the load, unlike the Hauppauge PVR series of hardware encoders . As a result, a processor closer to 1GHz is needed to capture using one of these cards, especially for Live TV viewing since that involves both encoding and decoding at the same time.

This driver supports both the BT878 based cards as the older BT848 based cards. Most of the discussion on this page handles about the BT878 based cards.

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BTTV Module Parameters

Do you have very poor color, very low volume and or channels off by one or more channels? Check that the bttv module is correctly auto detecting your card and tuner type. At a command promt type dmesg, the lines you are looking for look like

bttv0: detected: ATI TV Wonder/VE [card=64], PCI subsystem ID is 1002:0003 
bttv0: using: BT878(ATI TV-Wonder VE) [card=64,autodetected] 
bttv0: using tuner=19 
bttv0: i2c attach [client=Temic PAL* auto (4006 FN5),ok] 

This example is from a user with an ATI TV Wonder card. This user happens to be in the United States, needing NTSC tuner settings:

rmmod bttv 
rmmod tuner 
modprobe bttv tuner=2 

Note: You may need to set the card value as well

modprobe bttv card=64 tuner=2 

this gives the output

bttv0: detected: ATI TV Wonder/VE [card=64], PCI subsystem ID is 1002:0003 
bttv0: using: BT878(ATI TV-Wonder VE) [card=64,autodetected] 
bttv0: using tuner=2 
bttv0: i2c attach [client=Philips NTSC (FI1236 and compati,ok] 

Thats it! Once you get the results you are looking for add the options to your /etc/modules.conf (Some distributions like Debian use the file /etc/modprobe.d/bttv ).

options bttv card=64 tuner=2 

run depmod after you are done modifying /etc/modules.conf

If you have multiple Bttv cards in your system, you can specify each one using a comma seperated list. The order is probably the PCI card order and should not change between boot ups.

options bttv card=64,71 tuner=2,4 

Card Values

 List of Values 

 card=0 -  *** UNKNOWN/GENERIC ***  
 card=1 - MIRO PCTV 
 card=2 - Hauppauge (bt848) 
 card=3 - STB, Gateway P/N 6000699 (bt848) 
 card=4 - Intel Create and Share PCI/ Smart Video Recorder III 
 card=5 - Diamond DTV2000 
 card=6 - AVerMedia TVPhone 
 card=7 - MATRIX-Vision MV-Delta 
 card=8 - Lifeview FlyVideo II (Bt848) LR26 
 card=9 - IMS/IXmicro TurboTV 
 card=10 - Hauppauge (bt878) 
 card=11 - MIRO PCTV pro 
 card=12 - ADS Technologies Channel Surfer TV (bt848) 
 card=13 - AVerMedia TVCapture 98 
 card=14 - Aimslab Video Highway Xtreme (VHX) 
 card=15 - Zoltrix TV-Max 
 card=16 - Prolink Pixelview PlayTV (bt878) 
 card=17 - Leadtek WinView 601 
 card=18 - AVEC Intercapture 
 card=19 - Lifeview FlyVideo II EZ /FlyKit LR38 Bt848 (capture only) 
 card=20 - CEI Raffles Card 
 card=21 - Lifeview FlyVideo 98/ Lucky Star Image World ConferenceTV LR50 
 card=22 - Askey CPH050/ Phoebe Tv Master + FM 
 card=23 - Modular Technology MM201/MM202/MM205/MM210/MM215 PCTV, bt878 
 card=24 - Askey CPH05X/06X (bt878) [many vendors] 
 card=25 - Terratec TerraTV+ Version 1.0 (Bt848)/ Terra TValue Version 1.0/ Vobis TV-Boostar 
 card=26 - Hauppauge WinCam newer (bt878) 
 card=27 - Lifeview FlyVideo 98/ MAXI TV Video PCI2 LR50 
 card=28 - Terratec TerraTV+ Version 1.1 (bt878) 
 card=29 - Imagenation PXC200 
 card=30 - Lifeview FlyVideo 98 LR50 
 card=31 - Formac iProTV, Formac ProTV I (bt848) 
 card=32 - Intel Create and Share PCI/ Smart Video Recorder III 
 card=33 - Terratec TerraTValue Version Bt878 
 card=34 - Leadtek WinFast 2000/ WinFast 2000 XP 
 card=35 - Lifeview FlyVideo 98 LR50 / Chronos Video Shuttle II 
 card=36 - Lifeview FlyVideo 98FM LR50 / Typhoon TView TV/FM Tuner 
 card=37 - Prolink PixelView PlayTV pro 
 card=38 - Askey CPH06X TView99 
 card=39 - Pinnacle PCTV Studio/Rave 
 card=40 - STB TV PCI FM, Gateway P/N 6000704 (bt878), 3Dfx VoodooTV 100 
 card=41 - AVerMedia TVPhone 98 
 card=42 - ProVideo PV951 
 card=43 - Little OnAir TV 
 card=44 - Sigma TVII-FM 
 card=45 - MATRIX-Vision MV-Delta 2 
 card=46 - Zoltrix Genie TV/FM 
 card=47 - Terratec TV/Radio+ 
 card=48 - Askey CPH03x/ Dynalink Magic TView 
 card=49 - IODATA GV-BCTV3/PCI 
 card=50 - Prolink PV-BT878P+4E / PixelView PlayTV PAK / Lenco MXTV-9578 CP 
 card=51 - Eagle Wireless Capricorn2 (bt878A) 
 card=52 - Pinnacle PCTV Studio Pro 
 card=53 - Typhoon TView RDS + FM Stereo / KNC1 TV Station RDS 
 card=54 - Lifeview FlyVideo 2000 /FlyVideo A2/ Lifetec LT 9415 TV [LR90] 
 card=55 - Askey CPH031/ BESTBUY Easy TV 
 card=56 - Lifeview FlyVideo 98FM LR50 
 card=57 - GrandTec 'Grand Video Capture' (Bt848) 
 card=58 - Askey CPH060/ Phoebe TV Master Only (No FM) 
 card=59 - Askey CPH03x TV Capturer 
 card=60 - Modular Technology MM100PCTV 
 card=61 - AG Electronics GMV1 
 card=62 - Askey CPH061/ BESTBUY Easy TV (bt878) 
 card=63 - ATI TV-Wonder 
 card=64 - ATI TV-Wonder VE 
 card=65 - Lifeview FlyVideo 2000S LR90 
 card=66 - Terratec TValueRadio 
 card=67 - IODATA GV-BCTV4/PCI 
 card=68 - 3Dfx VoodooTV FM (Euro), VoodooTV 200 (USA) 
 card=69 - Active Imaging AIMMS 
 card=70 - Prolink Pixelview PV-BT878P+ (Rev.4C,8E) 
 card=71 - Lifeview FlyVideo 98EZ (capture only) LR51 
 card=72 - Prolink Pixelview PV-BT878P+9B (PlayTV Pro rev.9B FM+NICAM) 
 card=73 - Sensoray 311 
 card=74 - RemoteVision MX (RV605) 
 card=75 - Powercolor MTV878/ MTV878R/ MTV878F 
 card=76 - Canopus WinDVR PCI (COMPAQ Presario 3524JP, 5112JP) 
 card=77 - GrandTec Multi Capture Card (Bt878) 
 card=78 - Jetway TV/Capture JW-TV878-FBK, Kworld KW-TV878RF 
 card=79 - DSP Design TCVIDEO 
 card=80 - Hauppauge WinTV PVR 
 card=81 - GV-BCTV5/PCI 
 card=82 - Osprey 100/150 (878) 
 card=83 - Osprey 100/150 (848) 
 card=84 - Osprey 101 (848) 
 card=85 - Osprey 101/151 
 card=86 - Osprey 101/151 w/ svid 
 card=87 - Osprey 200/201/250/251 
 card=88 - Osprey 200/250 
 card=89 - Osprey 210/220 
 card=90 - Osprey 500 
 card=91 - Osprey 540 
 card=92 - Osprey 2000 
 card=93 - IDS Eagle 
 card=94 - Pinnacle PCTV Sat 
 card=95 - Formac ProTV II (bt878) 
 card=96 - MachTV 
 card=97 - Euresys Picolo 
 card=98 - ProVideo PV150 
 card=99 - AD-TVK503 
 card=100 - Hercules Smart TV Stereo 
 card=101 - Pace TV & Radio Card 
 card=102 - IVC-200 
 card=103 - Grand X-Guard / Trust 814PCI 
 card=104 - Nebula Electronics DigiTV 

Type Values

 type=0 - Temic PAL (4002 FH5) 
 type=1 - Philips PAL_I (FI1246 and compatibles) 
 type=2 - Philips NTSC (FI1236,FM1236 and compatibles) 
 type=3 - Philips (SECAM+PAL_BG) (FI1216MF, FM1216MF, FR1216MF) 
 type=4 - NoTuner 
 type=5 - Philips PAL_BG (FI1216 and compatibles) 
 type=6 - Temic NTSC (4032 FY5) 
 type=7 - Temic PAL_I (4062 FY5) 
 type=8 - Temic NTSC (4036 FY5) 
 type=9 - Alps HSBH1 
 type=10 - Alps TSBE1 
 type=11 - Alps TSBB5 
 type=12 - Alps TSBE5 
 type=13 - Alps TSBC5 
 type=14 - Temic PAL_BG (4006FH5) 
 type=15 - Alps TSCH6 
 type=16 - Temic PAL_DK (4016 FY5) 
 type=17 - Philips NTSC_M (MK2) 
 type=18 - Temic PAL_I (4066 FY5) 
 type=19 - Temic PAL* auto (4006 FN5) 
 type=20 - Temic PAL_BG (4009 FR5) or PAL_I (4069 FR5) 
 type=21 - Temic NTSC (4039 FR5) 
 type=22 - Temic PAL/SECAM multi (4046 FM5) 
 type=23 - Philips PAL_DK (FI1256 and compatibles) 
 type=24 - Philips PAL/SECAM multi (FQ1216ME) 
 type=25 - LG PAL_I+FM (TAPC-I001D) 
 type=26 - LG PAL_I (TAPC-I701D) 
 type=27 - LG NTSC+FM (TPI8NSR01F) 
 type=28 - LG PAL_BG+FM (TPI8PSB01D) 
 type=29 - LG PAL_BG (TPI8PSB11D) 
 type=30 - Temic PAL* auto + FM (4009 FN5) 
 type=31 - SHARP NTSC_JP (2U5JF5540) 
 type=32 - Samsung PAL TCPM9091PD27 
 type=33 - MT2032 universal 
 type=34 - Temic PAL_BG (4106 FH5) 
 type=35 - Temic PAL_DK/SECAM_L (4012 FY5) 
 type=36 - Temic NTSC (4136 FY5) 
 type=37 - LG PAL (newer TAPC series) 
 type=38 - Philips PAL/SECAM multi (FM1216ME MK3) 
 type=39 - LG NTSC (newer TAPC series) 
 type=40 - HITACHI V7-J180AT

Specific card info

What are the modprobe settings for the STB Gateway OEM Bt848 TV/FM Tuner?

If you are having problems with this card, try these modprobe settings. Also make sure that you have the capture card connected to the audio card using a CD audio cable.

The biggest problem is that the tea6300 chip can't auto detect itsself, and the module cannot distinguish between the tda9850 and tda9855, so they must be setup manually.

The short version:

     # bttv STB Gateway OEM Bt848 TV/FM Tuner
     bttv card=3 tuner=2 radio=1
     tvaudio tea6300=1 tda9855=0 tda9850=1

More detailed information on the module options can be found at: