Buffalo LinkTheater PC-P3LWG/DVD

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Note: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Hardware Support

Characteristic Value
Standard Def Yes
High Def Yes
Digital Audio Yes - optical output
Composite Out Yes
S-Video Yes
Component Yes
Wireless Networking 802.11g
Wired Ethernet Speed 10/100 Mbps

Video Playback Features

Characteristic Value
Video Playback Quality Very nice
FF/RW Support Yes - works with patch ticket #3344
FF/RW at Differing Speeds No
30 Second Skip No
Bookmarking Don't think so


Characteristic Value
Support MythTV MPEG2 Recordings HD
Support MythTV NUV Recordings No
Support MythTV DivX/Xvid Videos Yes
Support H.264 Video HD
Support MythTV Music (since 0.21+) Yes
Support MythTV Photo Galleries (since 0.21+) Yes

MythTV Interaction

Characteristic Value
Customizable Menus (and in what way) No
Menu Responsiveness somewhat - sometimes it takes a little while
Menu Hierarchy completely browsable

Non-MythTV Features

Characteristic Value
Support DVD/VOB streaming Yes
iPhoto/Photoshop Album Support unknown <No, Yes both, Only iPhoto, etc.>
iTunes/Windows Media Support unknown <No, Yes both, Only iTunes, etc.>


Main Menu <Pic of main menu>
OSD <Pic of OSD>
Others <Pics of Others>

Software / Hardware

OS unknown <Linux, uCLinux, VXWorks>
Software Syabas
Processor unknown<ARM, PowerPC, x86>
Chip Set unknown<Sigma Designs>
Inside <pic(s) of board>

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