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In an attempt to prepare for a feature freeze for 0.25 release, here are the identified outstanding issues:

Description Reporting Party ETA Done Ticket
HD HomeRun Prime tuner number autodetection Robert McNamara N/A Done
HD HomeRun - detecting if it is a Prime or not, and if a CableCard is present Robert McNamara Done
HD HomeRun - need to support fetching channels from listing source for Primes with CableCard present. Robert McNamara Done
Schema update - transition "Exclude Repeat Episodes", "Exclude Repeat and Generic Episodes", "Exclude Generic Episodes" in record.dupin to new filter mechanism. David Engel 9850
Updates to MythWeb to support the new filters (above) David Engel 9850
Ceton Support (Ron Frazier's patch for starters, full support maybe after release due to time constraints) Robert McNamara/David Engel/Daniel Kristjansson
Audio changes - generic downmixing/upmixing options so any type of channel input can be handled properly Jean-Yves Avenard Done
Audio changes - AAC/LATM playback broken when stream changes channel configuration Jean-Yves Avenard/Gavin Hurlbut Done 10079
Proper duration/position for variable frame rate and telecined broadcasts Taylor Ralph
Forced subtitle support Taylor Ralph/Mark Kendall
Time-based seeking (required for videos such as telecined MPEG2 muxed into Matroska container with no position map Taylor Ralph Not started
Mythutil to accumulate the various tasks that were all over Raymond Wagner/Chris Pinkham Probably Done
Command line parser grouping Raymond Wagner Done
Refactor of MPEG descriptor handling - gets rid of asserts and clarifies private and registered descriptor handling Daniel Kristjansson Oct 21
Proper OCUR recorder Daniel Kristjansson Not this release
Conversion of internal time to UTC Daniel Kristjansson Not this release
Mythui - minsize deficiencies John Poet
Mythui - data elements available to window but not the buttonlist John Poet
Add recording failure system event John Poet
UPNP Scanner - query the current node on command Mark Kendall
Complete rewrite of HttpStreamingRingBuffer using Qt rather than ffmpeg implementation Mark Kendall
HDMI CEC support Mark Kendall
DVD playback - remote DVD playback performance issues Mark Kendall/Daniel Kristjansson
Video accelleration - fixes for VDA, DXVA2, CrystalHD (older model) Mark Kendall
Get themers to fully complete their themes (OSD broken for Xv, missing screens, etc) Mark Kendall
Review consistency of button behaviors across core application Mark Kendall
Fix remaining themes for button accelleration Mark Kendall
More well-crafted "sales" documentation (ideally) Mark Kendall
Mac OS X - Apple (TV) remote, Live TV preview, Nigel Pearson 6422, 8103
Broken console prompting by backend, or in ssh shell Nigel Pearson 10090
Broken media monitor autoplay Nigel Pearson 9169