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Important.png Note: The correct title of this article is cardinput table. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.

The cardinput table contains a row for each input listed in the capturecard table. It uses the videosource table as a reference. For example, a video capture card can have an RF input, an S-Video input and a composite video input. This table also stores the binding between a Video Source and an input -- if the RF input is direct analog cable and the S-video input is digital cable through a box, this is where that information will live.

Table Description

Field name Type Null Key Default Extras Schema-Version
cardinputid int(10) unsigned PRI NULL auto_increment
cardid int(10) unsigned 0 REFERENCES capturecard(cardid)
sourceid int(10) unsigned 0 REFERENCES videosource(sourceid)
inputname varchar(32)
externalcommand varchar(128) YES NULL
preference int(11) 0
shareable char(1) YES N -1254
changer_device varchar(128) YES NULL +1282
changer_model varchar(128) YES NULL +1282
tunechan varchar(10) YES NULL
startchan varchar(10) YES NULL REFERENCES channel(channum)
freetoaironly tinyint(1) YES 1 -1244
diseqc_port smallint(6) YES NULL diseqc_tree
diseqc_pos float YES NULL
lnb_lof_switch int(11) YES 11700000
lnb_lof_hi int(11) YES 10600000
lnb_lof_lo int(11) YES 9750000
displayname varchar(64)
radioservices tinyint(1) YES 1 -1244
childcardid int(10) 0
dishnet_eit tinyint(1) 0
recpriority int(11) 0
quicktune tinyint(4) 0
schedorder int(10) unsigned 0 +1293
liveorder int(10) unsigned 0 +1293


is a unique identifier for the entries in the table.
maps directly to entries in the capturecard table.
maps directly to entries in the videosource table.
Example values: DVBInput, Tuner 1
contains the last channel tuned on this card.
is user supplied free form text.
  • Example values: HD3000 Digital
priority to find the next free input card for scheduled recordings. lower numer=higher priority. 0=do not use.
priority to find the next free input card for live TV. lower numer=higher priority. 0=do not use.


The following command will re-set the channel number. Set the startchannel to something which works on your system and select the correct cardinputid for your DVB card.

mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg -e "UPDATE cardinput SET startchan=108 WHERE cardinputid=1;"