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table cardinput

This table contains one row for each input -- a Tuner Card can have an RF input, a S-Video input, and a composite video input, for example. This table also stores the binding between a Video Source and an input -- if your RF input is direct analog cable, and your S-video input is digital cable through a box, this is where that information will live.

||<tablewidth="100%" rowbgcolor="#D6DFE7">Field||Type||NULL||Default|| ||cardinputid||int(10)||No|||| ||cardid||int(10)||No||0 || ||sourceid||int(10)||No||0 || ||inputname||varchar(32)||No|||| ||externalcommand||varchar(128)||Yes||NULL|| ||preference||int(11)||Yes||NULL|| ||shareable||char(1)||Yes||N|| ||tunechan||varchar(5)||No|||| ||startchan||varchar(5)||No||||