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This page contains a collections of nice cases which can be used when building MythTV systems.


A+ Case



  • Overture II: ATX and MicroATX -- Be aware, this case makes it very difficult to replace the power supply should something bad happen to it. The power supply may have issues and generate noise on the PCI bus under moderate to heavy load, causing reception problems on some tuner cards, such as the pcHDTV HD-3000.
  • Fusion --A beautiful case with solid aluminium front with imon VFD and volume control included. Comes with very quite power supply and Twin nearly silent 120mm case fans. See the LCDproc page to set up the VFD under linux, and the Volume Knob on Antec Fusion page to get the volume control working with lirc. Micro ATX only.
  • New Solution NSK 2400
  • Aria is a 13"d × 10"w × 8"h mATX case with all aluminum frame and 120mm main fan. It has been replaced by the steel-framed case, NSK1300. However, you may be able to get "B stock" Aria cases at half-price.


HT100 HT201 HT101

Cooler Master

Including iMON for remote control and VCD



(actually these are complete systems)


Origen AE





Bare-bones systems

Casetronic Travla

Travla is a brand of very nice cases made by Casetronic. These cases are designed specifically for mini-ITX systems. Their cases include :