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MythTV Developers

This is a list of the major contributors to / developers of MythTV. Please do not contact them directly about bugs or feature requests (please use | trac for that). This information is provided to give the user community a better sense of who we all are, what our backgrounds are, etc.

Developers (Active)


  • Isaac Richards (trac: ijr; irc: chutt)
    • Lead Developer and project originator
  • Daniel Kristjansson (trac: danielk)
    • developer docs, dvb, hdtv, X11 video
  • Bruce Markey (trac: bjm)
    • Database, scheduling interface, some theme stuff
  • David Engel (trac: gigem)
    • scheduling internals, (formerly pvr-350 output)
  • Chris Pinkham (trac: cpinkham; irc: captain_murdoch)
    • Commercial flagging, transcode, jobqueue, recording groups
  • David Blain (trac: dblain; irc: cdev)
    • uPnP, backend XML interface
  • Stuart Auchterlonie (trac: stuarta, irc: stuarta, fred_basset)
    • DVB, EIT
  • Stuart Morgan (trac: stuartm, irc: gbee)
    • Mythfilldatabase (Xmltv), Misc Frontend, Mythmusic.
  • Nigel Pearson (trac: nigel)
    • Porting, OS X, Media Monitor
  • Greg Estabrooks (trac: greg; GreyFoxx)
    • OpenBSD
  • Oscar Carlsson (trac: oscar; irc: o_cee)
    • Translations
  • Robert Kulagowski (trac: rkulagow)
    • User Documentation
  • Janne Grunau (trac: janne; irc: janneg)
    • DVB, EIT, Multi-rec
  • Robert McNamara (trac: robertm; irc: iamlindoro)
    • libmythbdnav, Misc, UI and Usability, Translations, Themes, MythVideo, MythNetvision, MythGame


  • Anduin Withers (trac: awithers; irc: Anduin)
    • MythDVD, MythVideo
  • Chris Petersen (trac + irc: xris)
  • Stanley Kamithi (trac: skamithi)
    • Internal DVD playback
  • Paul Harrison (trac: paulh)
  • Greg Estabrooks (trac: greg; irc: GreyFoxx)
    • MythGame

Developers (Inactive)


  • Donavan Stanley (trac: jdonavan; irc: geckofiend)
    • xmltv/datadirect, some themes
  • Taylor Jacob (trac: taylor)
    • DVB support, EIT scanner


  • Thor Sigvaldason (trac: thor)
  • Paul Volkaerts (trac: paulv)
    • MythPhone

Other major contributors

  • John Pullan (trac: pullan)
    • analog channel scan
  • Mark Spieth (trac: mark)
    • soundtouch
  • Micah Galizia (trac: micah)
    • MythControls

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