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<gallery widths="300px" heights="300px" perrow="3">
<gallery widths="300px" heights="300px" perrow="3">
Image:Laima Theme.jpg|'''[https://github.com/managementboy/Laima Laima (16x10 for future 0.25)]'''
Image:Laima Theme.jpg|'''[https://github.com/MythTV-Themes/Laima Laima (16:10)]'''
Image:RedMixTheme.png|'''[http://code.google.com/p/redmix-mythtv-theme/source/checkout RedRemix]'''
Image:RedMixTheme.png|'''[http://code.google.com/p/redmix-mythtv-theme/source/checkout RedRemix]'''
[[Category:Knowledge Base]]
[[Category:Knowledge Base]]

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MythTV supports two types of themes, the graphical theme of the application, and the menu theme. The menu theme controls the item layout of the first two levels of menus. The available graphical themes are detailed below.

Anyone looking to contribute assistance could provide screenshots of the official themes as well as add any other user contributed themes.

Theme Chooser

The MythTV 0.24 release saw the addition of a theme chooser, allowing enumeration, downloading, and automatic updating of themes from a central repository. Most or all the the themes below will be available through that interface in the Frontend. The eventual plan is for a web service allowing theme authors to upload and update their themes. For now, themers can post a comment to the mythtv-theming mailing list, or irc channel, to get their themes added.

Bundled Themes

These themes are distributed with the MythTV source, and are kept up to date with additional theme elements and changes.

Theme Chooser Themes

These themes are currently available through the Theme Chooser in the frontend.

Other Themes

These themes are either works in progress, or have not yet been submitted to be included in the Theme Chooser. They can be downloaded from their respective websites and installed manually.