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I have a wireless mouse, why not let the left and right button as well as the wheel act as commands, most useful for changing the tv channel and menu options when you have nothing else which is remote control (well unless u want to lug a wirelss keyboard round with you).


I noticed that there are quite a few individual remotes listed here but that many of them communicate using one of several technologies. A user looking for a particular remote might not care but a user doing research to further refine his choices might be overwhelmed. Furthermore, there are a number of articles which are discussions of how to remotely control Myth and not a particular remote and appear to get lost in the noise of all the various hardware pieces. I think that there are enough remotes to justify splintering them into categories and leaving the non-product specific articles loose. There are also a number of JP1 programming articles which might need to be consolidated down to one with a list of JP1 remotes maintained there. I suggest...

  • Infrared (IR) remotes
  • Radio Frequency (RF) remotes
  • Remotes bundled with TV tuners

Naming should be standardized with Manufacturer followed by Model (eg, ATI Remote Wonder XYZ rather than Remote Wonder XYZ) similar to how the cature/tuner card. Any thoughts?--Ol Schoola 21:24, 26 October 2007 (UTC)

Using remote to send keystrokes

Do you need a IR remote or a RF remote to capture keyboard commands from a wireless USB keyboard? -- Zteven