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One of the best sources of channel icons is . There, you can browse the available icons and choose those appropriate for your system. However, doing so can be a lot of work (requiring many page hits and a lot of time).

An easier approach is to use a new feature in the post-0.20-SVN trunk of MythTV to quickly look up the information. Doing so requires the MythTV Perl bindings (which can be compiled/installed by passing the "--with-bindings=perl" argument to the MythTV configure script). However, the script requires Perl bindings from SVN trunk. So, if you're using 0.20-fixes, please see the MythTV HOWTO.

If you have the appropriate MythTV Perl bindings, checkout the required scripts with:

svn co

Doing so will create a directory called "master_iconmap" underneath the current directory. The master_iconmap directory contains a file called "", which can be used to retrieve channel icon information. See and "./master_iconmap/ --usage" for more information.

There is currently (as of 10/08/2007) a bug in either the script or the file.

MythTV Ticket #4047

Currently, the easiest work around is to edit the script and rename the one call to "load_channels" to "_load_channels".


An example to get all icons installed on a brand new system would be:

./ --find-missing --rescan --icon-dir /path/to/store/icons

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