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Each row in this table describes one tunable channel, where a channel is a frequency (and possibly a subchannel id for satellite and digital cable) -- if you get CNN from two Video Sources, it will appear twice in this table (though, as long as the callsigns are the same, ScheduledRecordings will be moved from one tuner to another, priorities permitting).

Field Type NULL Default
chanid int(10) No 0
channum varchar(5) No
freqid varchar(5) No
sourceid int(10) Yes NULL
callsign varchar(20) No
name varchar(64) No
icon varchar(255) No none
finetune int(11) Yes NULL
videofilters varchar(255) No
xmltvid varchar(64) No
recpriority int(10) No 0
contrast int(11) Yes 32768
brightness int(11) Yes 32768
colour int(11) Yes 32768
hue int(11) Yes 32768
tvformat varchar(10) No Default
commfree tinyint(4) No 0
visible tinyint(1) No 1
outputfilters varchar(255) No