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MythFrontend reports Live TV channel tuning status with a sequence of letters. These letters let you know what's going on with the backend as it tries to tune to a channel.

Except for t/F/T, lower case = seen, upper case = seen & good.

Code Reflects Comment
t/F/T Tuning Status Pending/Failed/Success [25543]
l/L Signal Lock This could be seen by PVR-250/BTTV users
a/A PAT Program Association Table (any recording transmitted in MPEG)
m/M PMT Program Map Table (any recording transmitted in MPEG)
g/G MGT Master Guide Table (ATSC only)
v/V VCT Virtual Channel Table (ATSC only)
n/N NIT Network Information Table (DVB only)
s/S SDT Service Description Table (DVB only)