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(Funk & Technik (http://www.kabel-net.de/) and AVC (http://www.avc-online.de))
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'''State: 2008-06-26 Broken'''
'''State: 2008-06-26 Broken'''
NIT/NIT-o directly from Astra 19.2E and '''They WONT fix it'''.
NIT/NIT-o directly from Astra 19.2E and '''They WON'T fix it'''.
== Denmark ==
== Denmark ==

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Whats wrong ?

With some cable providers scanning for channels seem to work fine, but its not possible to tune the channels. Two problems are known:

1. Some provider change the modulation of satellite feeds for DVB-C but don't modify the device information. One have to scan each frequency manually but there is no way around it.

2. These providers have different regional channel lineups but generate the SI in a central place. They transmit for each region one NIT all the time. The DVB standard has a flag to indicate whether a NIT is for the actual network or for an other network. This information is not correct for all but one of the regional networks. One has to know the network id to get the correct network information table.

There is only one simple solution for these problems: Talk to your cable provider they need fix it!

How can we fix it ?

See both the (workaround) patch provided by Janne and the script at the problem ticket for this issue:


modified mythic.pl solution

1. Install MythTV as usual

$ apt-get install mythtv

2. Create a czap channels.conf

You need (dvb)scan and w_scan.

$ ./scanall.sh

Warning: This will take several hours!

At least on my machine running this combination of (dvb)scan, w_scan and different parameters finds more channels than a simple scan.

3. Import into MythTV

Import czap-final.txt (created in step 2) into MythTV.

4. Fix database with modified mythic.pl

This script will fix the database and enable EIT on all channels. Its a modified version of mythic.pl, because channel names dont match exactly depending on the different scanners.

$ /etc/init.d/mythbackend stop

$ mythic-ignore_channel_name.pl myusername mypassword ./czap-final.txt

$ /etc/init.d/mythbackend start

5. Profit!

Broken providers


Ziggo (merger of @home, Casema and multikabel)

No intention of changing this. All their supported boxes have the possibility to enter the frequency and network number. This non-DVB behaviour seems to become more and more standard.



Germany has some major providers and several small/regional providers (around 50% of population is forced to use the smaller broken ones).


Resells to: Kabel Medien Service Muenchen, ...

State: 2008-06-26 Broken The modified mythic solution worked for me!

Technical support told me that they copy the NIT directly from SAT, because the don't know any receiver which has problems with this. They WON'T fix it.

Funk & Technik (http://www.kabel-net.de/) and AVC (http://www.avc-online.de)

~ 50% of the cable network from Cottbus/Germany

State: 2008-06-26 Broken

NIT/NIT-o directly from Astra 19.2E and They WON'T fix it.


Skanderborg AF

Skanderborg AF gets the DVB stream directly from YouSee - and broadcast that to the costumers. They do not modify NIT - resulting in a wrong network ID being broadcasted. I've tried both the dvb_broken_nit_providers1.diff and dvbstreamdata.cpp.patch. Both patches seems to get a pretty good scanning (Though NOT all channels are found). UPDATE: 31/05-09: Latly things has changes on the YouSee network - and the dvb_broken_nit_providers1.diff patch seems to no longer trick! The dvbstreamdata.cpp.patch patch seems to work fine though!

The "mythic.pl solution" gets a good amount of channels (The same as with above patches) - but still a few channels are missing.