Commercial MythTV System

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If you would like to find someone in your area who can provide custom, for-hire help building, setting up, configuring, enhancing, or improving a MythTV system, you can post a request on the independent MythTV-Contractors Google Group.

Commercial MythTV Systems

This is a list of companies who sell hardware bundled with a MythTV pre-install or sell uninstalled MythTV-compatible systems.

  • GO!COSS! Go open Choose open source software ready embedded systems.
Note: The low power Cortex-A8 on these systems is not suitable for anything beyond standard definition MPEG2 (such as DVDs)

Defunct and/or Closed

Stopped as of 2012

  • OpenMedia : NZ based company that have developed myPVR, a supported pre-installed MythTV based hardware solution.