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Commercial MythTV Systems

This is a list of companies who sell hardware bundled with a MythTV pre-install or sell uninstalled MythTV-compatible systems.

  • Cosmos Engineering as seen in Aug06 Linux Journal. Based in Los Angeles.
  • D1 : Australian company, sells a "Home Media Centre" based on MythTV (It is a pity that MythTV isn't credited in any way on their web site however. Hint hint.)
  • Monolith Media Center : Sells Ubuntu MythTV units with automated setup scripts and a line of accessories too for the non-linux MythTV lovers!
  • MythiC.TV : Sells Dragon, a Knoppmyth Reference Platform system, as seen in Dec06 Linux Magazine. Installation takes 13 minutes thanks to customized automation, and upgrades are easy because of KnoppMyth. The hardware specification is fully published, allowing the DIY crowd to build their own.
  • OpenMedia : NZ based company that have developed myPVR, a supported pre-installed MythTV based hardware solution.
  • SolarPC : Sells silent stationary or mobile MythTV solutions
  • TV Ease : "Hannibal" Media Centers. Pre-installed systems, MythTV on Ubuntu Linux. Custom configurations available.