Commercial detection

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This detection method uses information from blank-frame, scene change, and logo detection and can easily be modified to take advantage of other detection information. It works in a fundamentally different way than the normal blank-frame and scene change methods. The code groups the frames into blocks separated by blank frames and rates each block based upon several factors such as the rate of scene change, what percentage of frames in the block have a logo present, how long/short the block is, etc.. Indications that a block is part of a commercial (such as very high rates of scene changes) lower the block's score, while indications that a block is part of the show (such as having a logo present on most frames) raise the block's score. In the end the blocks are looked at as a group and various bits of logic applied to make the final determination where commercials start and end. On most of the shows tested, this method seems to be doing a much better job than just blank-frame or blank-frame plus scene-change.