Configuring MythTV for the HDHomeRun Prime

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Warning.png Warning: This page used to provide special instructions for configuring a CableCARD tuner on MythTV .24. With the release of MythTV .25, configuration of CableCARD tuners is supported, so no special configuration is necessary when running MythTV .25 or higher: an HDHomeRun Prime can be configured as normal for .25. Rather than using a version of MythTV without support for configuring the CableCard tuner, users should upgrade to MythTV .25 or higher. A .25 version of this guide is present here for clarity and for those seeking a step by step guide.


It is possible to use the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime to view material which is not recordable using traditional tuners. The HDHomeRun Prime uses a CableCard to decrypt and stream three or six simultaneous programs, depending on the model used. This guide is an illustrated, step-by-step method of configuring the HDHomeRun Prime with MythTV.

The following steps should be applicable when setting up the Hauppauge DCR-2650.

Important.png Note: This guide assumes that you have correctly set up and configured MythTV itself, including setting up a working database and all the other setup steps common to a working MythTV setup

Illustrated Guide (Master/.25)

In mythtv-setup, navigate to Capture Cards. HDHR Prime Setup 1.png
Select New Capture Card. HDHR Prime Setup 2.png
It's time to create our HDHomeRun Prime devices. Select the HDHomeRun DTV tuner box card type. From the Available devices list, select the first autodetected tuner device, with a string like: "0123456789-0". HDHR Prime Setup 11.png
Select Recording Options. HDHR Prime Setup 12.png
Change Max Recordings to 1. When in CableCard mode, the HDHomeRun is only able to record one program per tuner. Press Finish. HDHR Prime Setup 13.png
Press Next, then Finish to return to the tuner list. Repeat the last three steps until you have a capture card representing each tuner in your HDHomeRun Prime device. Press Escape to return to the main menu. Select the Video Sources menu item. HDHR Prime Setup 4.png
Select New video source. HDHR Prime Setup 5.png
Give your Video Source a name. Here we named it "My New Source." Select Schedules Direct as your listings grabber. Input your User ID and Password from Schedules Direct, then press "Retrieve Lineups." In a few moments, you should see the Data Direct lineup box filled with values representing the lineups you have configured at the Schedules Direct website. Select the one which contains the channels found on your HDHomeRun Prime. This Lineup should be the one with channel numbers which are the same as the ones found on a cable box. HDHR Prime Setup 6.png
Press Finish to return to the main menu. Select the Input Connections menu item. HDHR Prime Setup 7.png|-
You should have a list of HDHomeRun tuners which looks something like this. Highlight the first tuner and press Enter. HDHR Prime Setup 16.png
Give your tuner a descriptive name. Change the Video Source to the one we just created. Press Fetch channels from listings source. You will see Starting channel read Please add channels to this source. You can press Next, then Finish. Press enter on the same tuner, and you will find that you can now successfully set a starting channel for this tuner. HDHR Prime Setup 15.png
Repeat the last step until the video source you created is attached to all of your HDHomeRun Prime tuners, and each is set to a valid starting channel, as in this screenshot. HDHR Prime Setup 16.png
You only have one more step to go! Bring up a terminal and issue this command. This will pull in the listings for all of your channels. You can now start mythbackend again and your HDHomeRun Prime tuners should be ready to go! mythfilldatabase --dd-grab-all


  • I'm not able to tune any of my channels! The OSD simply says "Partial Lock" and "LAMc". What gives?
    • A Lock message of LAMc indicates the channel is encrypted and untuneable. There are multiple possibilities. Either the channel might not be copy-freely, and thus is uncapturable in MythTV, or your CableCard may not have been properly activated. Check your HDHomeRun Prime's web page (by bringing up its IP address in a web browser). Click Status Menu. You should be able to see the tuner which is currently recording, and the channel to which it is tuned. Click the link for that tuner number at the top. The value for Authorization should be subscribed and the CCI Protection should be unrestricted. If either of these values are different, and you are certain your CableCard and HDHR Prime are properly paired, then this channel may not be capturable in MythTV. A value of "unknown" most likely means that your card is not properly provisioned. For ClearQAM channels (channels which can be tuned with any QAM tuner), Authorization may be unknown, but the channel may still be capturable.
    • Because many technicians (even those allegedly trained on the subject) are unfamiliar with Cablecard setups, particularly with devices like the HDHomeRun Prime, there is a good chance that you will have to call your cable provider a couple of times to get things worked out. If a regular reset doesn't work (sometimes it can take more than one to "stick"), ask for a "Cold Hit", "DAC Init" or "Grand Slam Init/Hit". For some reason, the phone representatives are hesitant to try these, so be insistent.
      • The direct number to the Comcast Cablecard activation line is 877-405-2298, which should connect you directly to a human. Don't bother calling the number that your device recommends; that is just the normal customer service number.
  • I have defined my tuners by IP, but when I try to use more than one of them, all my recordings fail!
    • You must update to (at a minimum) latest .24-fixes to use the HDHomeRun Prime. Numerous bugs, notably one which caused failed recordings when defined by IP, have been fixed.