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* Buildbot
* BuildbotNetwork
** We will need people with build slaves available with various system setups (versions of Qt, etc, DVB, vs non-DVB, gcc vs clang) who are willing to automatically build on commits. Details pending.
** Build Network [https://code.mythtv.org/buildbot/]
* Presentation of errors/warnings from build on various platforms, compilers and hardware in an easy to read/browse format, filterable would be great
==Static Analysis & Validation==
==Static Analysis & Validation==

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The following are a list of proposed tests and scripts to be run as part of the planned continuous integration suite.


  • BuildbotNetwork
    • Build Network [1]

Static Analysis & Validation

  • cppcheck - C/C++ Code analysis
  • xmllint - XML validation, will validate against a DTD,XSD or just XML spec (themes, configs)
  • Clang static-analysis - standalone tool, but has to run during full build making it less useful and slow!

Release & Packaging

  • Nightly -fixes tarballs? (trunk too??)


  • Automatic updates and commits of the translation string files (not the translations themselves, at least not yet)