Controlling DirecTV Set Top Box (STB) via USB or Serial

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The DirecTV D11 Satellite set top box contains a USB port that can be used as a serial port to change channels and perform other tasks on the box. To do this, you need the following cable:

1. USB->Serial Adapter (IOGEAR GUC232A, ATEN UC-232A, BAFO BF-810 are known supported) (usb male to 9 male)
2. 9-pin Null-Modem Adapter (9 female to 9 female)
3. 9 pin serial cable. (9 female to 9 male)

The end result of this is a null modem serial connection between computers. I assume that using two USB->Serial adapters would also work, given that the Null Modem adapter was still used.

I used the BAFO BF-810 adapter (found for $9 online) and a pair of 9pin DSub to RJ45 adapters wired as a crossover serial cable, along with a straight-through ethernet cable.

I started with the script used to control the D10 box. I had to change the speed to 115200 from 9600 (contrary to the installers guide which says 9600 or 155200, which must be a typo). I also had to enable hardware flow control in order to get reliable operation.

Hardware Compatibility

  • DirecTV D11-500: Channel changing works, other features flaky
  • DirecTV D11-300: Channel changing not yet confirmed, some problems reported

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