Controlling MythTV from a DirectTV D11 remote

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I have written a program which controlls the MythTV frontend from the DirecTV D11 STB remote. The script also has a channel change script to allow Myth to tune the STB.

The script runs as a deamon and handles remote keypresses passing them to the MythTV socket control port (6546).

Code updated to smooth running version June 8 2006

Here is some code :

The code is currently hardwired to run from my home directory /home/john. I'll fix this up RSN. There is a description of what the scripts do in the source. The d11-daemon key handler is checked and run as necessary by my crontab each minute.

The script is working very nicely now and the D11 remote is now the default input device that the wife uses to schedule her recordings. The keyboard is now tucked behind the AV cabinet.

If anyone knows how to enable the DirecTV D11 to "see" the volume keys on its remote I'd like to here from you!

If anyone knows anything about the serial port of a Kreisen TV I'd like to hear from you! I've written some code to control the TV as doctmented in the Kreisen manual, but I cannot get the TV to actually talk to me.