Cottage IR Transceivers

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For those of you who don't have the time, tools, talent, or inclination to pick up a soldering pencil, and whose tuner cards didn't come with an IR port, there are a few small "cottage shops" online who sell IR transceivers they've assembled which will work quite well.

  • IR Blaster .info has separate RS-232 IR receivers and transmitters (blasters) for sale, as well as IR repeaters for people with equipment in various locations around the house/apartment.
  • The Manoweb Site has not only documentation on how to build your own receiever, but the guy running it also sells them quite cheaply.
  • IguanaWorks makes a very tidy little kit which has an exceptionally high-powered transmitter that you can buy from them unassembled or assembled (slightly more) for around $30USD. The signal from this can bounce off the far wall of my den and still control my VCR, and it's just stuffed into the serial port on the back of my case (I don't have line of sight on it) so apparently it's sensitive enough as well.
  • USB-UIRT makes a USB infrared transceiver which works well with LIRC.
  • CommandIR Mini combines multiple IR blasters with a built-in universal remote receiver. It's a Linux-only device so a bit pricier but you get a guarantee it will work with devices like set-top boxes, Linux tech support, and setup that doesn't require multiple LIRC instances.