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DVB-IPTV is the specification of DVB compliant IPTV. It was formerly called DVB-IPI.

Support Status

  • service discovery is not implemented
  • broadband content guide (epg) is not implemented. FIXME, Live media broadcasts with full SI might work.
  • live media broadcast
    • SPTS via RTP works
    • SPTS via UDP works
  • live media broadcast (with trick play) is not implemented
  • video on demand (with trick play)
    • SPTS via RTSP somewhat works (can be used to feed transcoded live media into the backend)

Deployment Status

  • Austria: aonTV - IPTV service of Telekom Austria
  • Australia: TPG and this useful HOWTO
  • Canada: FIXME, see Sasktel IPTV (presumed DVB as that's what Alcatel delivers)
  • France: FIXME, see FreeBox
  • Germany: German ISP are required to provide public TV stations in DVB-IPTV compliant format if they want to provide them in their IPTV offering. [1]
  • USofA: FIXME, see SureWest IPTV (MPEG2)
  • DoItYourself: The Videolan Manager can be used to convert various media into DVB-IPTV like live or on demand streams. Draft Guide


Key DVB-IPTV specifications already published by ETSI include: [2]

  • TS 102 034: Transport of MPEG-2 TS-Based DVB Services over IP Based Networks
  • TS 102 539: Carriage of Broadband Content Guide (BCG) Information over Internet Protocol
  • TS 102 824: Remote Management and Firmware Update System for DVB IP Services